Subnautica: Below Zero – How to Find the Sanctuary and Delta Station Guide

A guide on how to find the sanctuary and delta station in Subnautica: Below Zero.

Subnautica: Below Zero Walkthrough

Finding the Sanctuary

If you explore the Twisty Bridges, you will receive an SOS signal originating from the sanctuary. The sanctuary is located deep in the biome, at a depth of 200m. You can find the entrance by going farther away from the Drop Pod, opposite the direction the area of Robin’s crashed shuttle. Once you get near the sanctuary, you may see some alien pillars. Follow the pillars to find the sanctuary, which is another large alien structure with a wide, square facade. Going through the opening will take you out of the water and back onto your feet. The first thing in front of you is the cave of the sanctuary. The entrance to the inner sanctuary contains three Ion Cubes, which you may want to pick up as they are not very common. Be sure not to waste them as they will be required to progress, though more can be found around Sector Zero. Follow the rocky path to get to the inner sanctuary, which is marked by more alien structures. Inside the inner sanctuary is a large, open room with a giant cube-like structure in the center.

Along the way, you’ll get a message telling you the facility’s power is low. An alien, disembodied voice speaks to Robin and says it is running out of time. The facility tells Robin that “a storage capacity is found on her person”. Go around the cube and up the ramp to find a green hologram.

Interacting with the hologram initiates a cutscene in which an Architect consciousness is downloaded into Robin’s brain. Once Robin regains consciousness, she and the alien talk to each other and Robin becomes upset about what happened. The alien becomes silent while it thinks of a solution for their current situation. Finally, the Sanctuary Cube collapses. You can now exit the sanctuary. After Robin exits the Sanctuary, the Architect’s voice tells her it needs a body to transfer itself into. The voice tells her it belongs to a species called the Architects. Robin asks for its name, so it tells her she may append her seed code to his species designation. The voice concedes that Robin may call it Al-An.

Delta Island

In the next days after the landing the game will give you the exact location of the Delta Island. It is in the center of Sector Zero that holds the Communications Tower, a large installation to monitor activity in Sector Zero. Head towards the island, which can be seen from a fair distance to the South (away from the tunnel and mountains).

When you get to the island, you must then climb it towards the top where the tower resides. Go through the caves to reach it. It is at this point that the player will most likely face the dangers of hypothermia for the first time. On the Delta Island, Thermal Lilies or hot springs with Crystalline Sulfur provide a very convenient source of heat that makes surviving the island very easy. On her way to the top, Robin will trigger a cutscene involving Marguerit Maida, who tells her to stay off her land and then leaves in her modified Prawn Suit. Your PDA will mark a signal showing her last tracked position. Remember it for later.

Delta Station

Once at the top of the island, you will most likely see Delta Station before seeing the tower. By the base is a fragment of Habitat Builder. The habitat builder allows Robin to build Seabases in the water or on land. Seabases allow you to have a base away from the Drop Pod, which can contain storage and useful facilities such as a Fabricator.

There are also certain scannable objects in the base. Most do not have a use other than vanity, however two specific objects stick out as extremely useful; the Multipurpose Room and the Modification Station. The room can be scanned from the outside (it is the large round room, there are two of them), and the Modification Station is found inside the bedroom of the base. It can be used to build upgrades to certain equipment and tools, such as the knife and the oxygen tank. After scanning everything you need or want, exit the base and head up the stairs in front of you to the radio tower. It is also revealed that the Delta Station quartered the following members: Fred Lachance, Jeremiah Murgle, and Emmanuel Desjardins.

Communications Tower

At the very peak of the island, Robin can walk up the Communications Tower. There are a couple of PDAs nearby, most of which were abandoned by Jeremiah Murgle. A terminal can be found in front the tower’s ladder. When Robin interacts with the terminal for the first time, she will receive a status report revealing that the area is under active satellite surveillance.

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