Stronghold: Warlords – Scenario Editor Guide

This guide helps on scenario editor in Stronghold: Warlords.

Scenario Editor Guide

Click on Tools, then Edit Scenario to open the Scenario Editor. Here you can control map type, starting goods, availability of buildings and units, events, mission briefing and warlord settings.


Map Type: Here you can select the kind of map you are building. This will affect where the map appears in the game.

Starting Goods: Specify the amount of resources for the player to start with. These will be overridden in skirmish and multiplayer games.

Availability: Select which units, buildings, tradeable goods and tools are available in the map. These will not be overridden in any game mode.

Events: This is where you can add all of the various triggers and effects that make missions interesting. Click Create New Event to open the event editor. There are boxes both for Conditions and Actions. You can leave the condition box empty to make the action occur in all circumstances on the day specified.

Both sections have long dropdown lists to use in your missions. Some of these use map markers, which you can add separately from the main Markers tab. Note that the Game Event action contains all of the occurrences in the game. These have an effect on the popularity of the estate selected as well as other effects.

Closing the Scenario Editor and Event Editor with the x buttons in the corners will save your changes.

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