Stronghold: Warlords – Guide to Decoration, Water, Resources

It is a guide to decoration, water, resources in Stronghold: Warlords.

Guide to Decoration, Water, Resources


The Resources tab lets you place trees, iron, stone and saltpetre.


Trees: Bamboo trees are found under the Wood sub tab.


Iron, Stone and Saltpetre: All of these can go just about anywhere. Surrounding them with stone, rock or dirt textures helps give them some context. Always keep the ground underneath them completely flat, otherwise it may be difficult to place mines and quarries on them.

Tip: When saving your map, the save dialog will tell you how much harvestable wood, iron, stone and saltepetre are available in each estate, so you can balance the map without having to count it all yourself!


Water is an excellent way to bring colour and a hint of life into your landscapes. Under the Water tab there are sub tabs for Sea, Rivers and Ponds. Ponds and rivers are both painted on to the landscape, while seas cover the whole map at the height you specify.

Be careful when adding water inside player estates. You may make it impossible to enclose walls if the land sloping up from the water is left pathable, resulting in a frustrating experience for the player.


Under the Vegetation tab, you can use sub tabs to add Rocks and Shrubs to your maps. Shrubs are particularly good around ponds and densely packed trees. They give a sense of concentrated life in the area and also increase the lushness of green spaces. The Bamboo Canopy is great for quickly making lush, dense forests around the edges of the play area.

Stones and boulders found under the Rocks tab. Like other decorations they work well in clumps. Beware that just placing them does not give them a pathing footprint. This means if you don’t want buildings placed on them, or units walking through them, you’ll need to manually add pathing tiles underneath them.

Underneath the main Buildings tab there is an Editor-Only Objects sub tab with a Cliffs category listed. Here you will find a selection of columns inspired by the breathtaking landscape of Zhangjiajie, China.

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