Streets of Rage 4 – How to Join Friend and Fix Launch Game

How to join friend? How to fix launch Streets of Rage 4.exe?

How to Join Friend?

The simplest way is that your friend invite you. Once one the character selection screen, he can invite you by creating a private lobby. Then, use Steam interface (shift+tab, right click on the person you want to invite, and click on “invite a friend to play”).

How to Fix Laund Game?

1) Make sure to close Steam

2) Follow this tutorial to disable the Compatibility Mode:

  • Browse to your Steam installation (Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam)
  • Right click on Steam.exe (or bin\steamwebhelper.exe), choose Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility tab
  • Uncheck any boxes that are checked, and click Apply
  • Then, click the “Show settings for all users” button
  • Again, make sure none of these boxes are checked, and click Ok
  • Click Ok to close any open dialog boxes.
  • Double click on Steam.exe to launch Steam.
  • Re-test the issue.

3) Once this mode is disabled, you can launch the game.

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