STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town – How to Grown, Feed, Raise Angola Rabbits and Foals

A guide on how to grown, feed, raise Angola Rabbits and Foals STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town.

How to Grown, Feed, Raise Angola Rabbits and Foals

Useful Tips for Angora Rabbits

  • When raising Angora rabbits be sure to feed them every day. Collect Chicken/Rabbit Feed from the Dispenser and put it in a Feeding Din.
  • “Put enough Feed in the Hi ns for each rabbit. If you forget to feed them, they won’t grow as quickly.
  • You can also give your rabbits their Feed directly. It’s important to s/iow your animals love and care as you raise them.
  • Stand near an Angora rabbit and press the Con-firm Hutton to talk to them.
  • You can shear your Angora rabbit’s fur. Simply equip the Clippers, stand next to it. and press the Confirm Hutton.
  • Any Angora rabbit with a fully grown coat can be sheared.
  • The more your rabbits like you, the higher the quality Fur you will get.
  • Angora rabbits can be bred simply by standing next to one with a fully grown coat and using the ‘Rabbit Breeding Kit.
  • Once bred, your Angora rabbit will have a kit after a few days. The rabbit Breeding Kit can be bought at PoPoultry.
  • Once bred, feed the rabbit by putting its Feed in the Breeding Bin. In five days, a kit will be born.
  • Kits born on your farm will grow to like you more quickly than rabbits that are bought.
  • Ring the Hell outside your Coop to send your Angora rabbits out to pasture.
  • Leave them in the pasture for several hours and they will find their own food, so you won’t need to feed them.
  • At 8:00 PM. Angora rabbits out in the pasture will automatically return to the Coop.

Useful Tips for Foals

  • You don’t need to feed the foals you are raising any Fodder, but you can give them “Pet Treats.
  • Stand near a foal and press the Confirm Hutton to talk to them.
  • Equip a Brush to groom your foal.
  • After about 90 days, the foal will become a fully grown horse. Show your foals lots of love as you raise them.

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