STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town – How to Fish (without Stamina

A guide on how to fish without using stamina in STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town.

How to Fish (without Stamina


If you’ve played or are familiar with any of this series’ predecessors (Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons) you may, or may not have noticed there are times in which the game lets you freely do actions without consequence. Usually this is during tutorials, cutscenes, festivals, and other times in which time is froze. These are the perfect times to do more than what you are expected to do.

It’s Simple.

It honestly is quite simple. For the purpose of this guide, I’ll be using Summer 1 (Fetch Day) as the example, but feel free to assume it works anywhere that has access to water. Water that you can fish in.

When you arrive, you can choose to ignore everything (and everyone) to fish.

Depending on the festival or event, you can do this before and/or after participating. Since time isn’t usually progressing, you can do this till your inventory is full, or you get sick bored of it. In most cases, you can’t open your menu/inventory to sort it out. I don’t recommend just throwing things on the ground, since littering causes your friendship with the townsfolk to go down.

When you finally had enough, you can simply leave. You’ll be sent home, with all your goodies (as well as literal garbage if you didn’t litter), and stamina the same as before you did this. Then you can just ship everything away and use your remaining stamina as you wish.

End Notes

  • This guide and information is based off of the game series’ history, and current gameplay. Due to the fact that patches are possible compared to its’ original games, this could stop working at any point.
  • Some people like challenges. Like complete X goal by year YZ. You do not have to do this, nor are you forced to.
  • Littering has usually caused (all) townsfolk to dislike you.
  • Tool experience does not seem to gain during festivals/events.
  • If you arrive after the festival is already over… there is no festival for you.
  • You have to be carrying the tools/items you need already.
  • You cannot open your menu if you are already in the festival/event. Save before entering if you need.
  • The shipping bin is 5PM (17:00) on normal days only. Not holidays.
  • Remember to enjoy your game. ^u^

This guide is fully written by me, with screenshots also by me. (The author.)

By [Sil]verJezebel

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