STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town – How to Fish and Get Rod (with Spots)

A guide on how to fish and get fishing rod (with spots) in STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town.

How to Fish and Get Rod (with Spots)

Once you have a Fishing “Rod. an entire world of ichthyological excitement awaits!

How to Acquire a Fishing Rod

Rumor has it that one of Zack’s old buddies used to have a real thing for fishing. If you talk to Zack, maybe he’ll be able to help.

How to Fish

Equip your -fishing rod and go to a body of water that seems like it might have fish. “Press the Tool Hutton to cast your line.

Then begins your fishy vigil. Patience!

When you get a bite, the bobber will bob up and down drastically. From there, quickly press the Tool Hutton to reel in your catch.

If your catch gets away. don’t fret. Simply wait patiently for the next bite. There are times when you might press the button in time, but the fish still escapes. Don’t give up. Steel yourself and cast your line again. Certain bodies of water won’t have any fish. If you find yourself waiting and waiting for what seems like forever without any bites, try moving to a different location.

Fishing Spots

There are various fishing spots all around Mineral Town.

  • The Ocean: You can fish from Mineral Beach.
  • Downstream: You can fish in the river flowing through Southside and across your farm.

The Spring:

You can fish in the Spring next to the mine.


You can fish near the bridge behind the mountain. (It’s a very small spot.)

The Lake:

You can fish at the large lake behind the mountain.

There are other little fishing holes tucked around Mineral Town. Find them and you may be able to reel in something truly unique!

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