STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town – Chapter 1 and 2 Walkthrough Guide

This guide will help you on Chapter 1 and 2 walkthrough in STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town.

Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Things to know before starting the game!

Loading and saving games can be done anytime anywhere. You don’t have to go home. Click on the Journal page in Option 

1. Before giving a gift or confession in the church helping to increase the chance of confession or giving a wrong gift.

2. When digging a mine for people who want to save on energy bills. Save before entering the mine and dig for the stairs. Once found, remember to reload and reload. Digging at the same spot on the stairway will easily find the way down. It is a saving of energy in itself. It’s advisable to dig up to level 13 first so it’s better to get more precious ore! 

3. Horse Race Festival Is a trick to cheat very well. 

4. To change the weather Before going to bed, make a save before turning on the TV, then wake up the drug if the weather is nice, then load a new befriend a fairy.

This one doesn’t focus on flirting with the angels. But it is an indirect result. Many people already know that at the waterfall in front of the mine entrance can give an angel gift. Suggest going to pick up flowers on the mountain and give them, or you can throw your own vegetables. Needed to be unlocked, pet dealers and fairies will give Power Berry and many other things. Throw 1 flower per day, good for a day.

Go to Barley’s farm like in the previous episodes. And accept after getting the younger sibling, go buy a scrubbing brush at the blacksmith. Talk to you every day and brush your hair as well. If you raise well at the end of the year, you will stay with us but if you don’t take good care of it. The uncle will confiscate the younger back, causing us to stop raising horses because the game does not sell!

Characters that should befriend

In the game, there will be some characters that should be intimate early, such as:

1. Dwarf fairy – help the farm.
2. Won – unlock game Apple and secret items.
3. Duke and Mana – If enough to unlock the part time.
4. Carter – the church owner. When you reach a level you will be able to collect mushrooms behind the church.
5. Anna – Unlock the kitchen, cook the food.
6. Ellen – Unlock the Christmas stocking, socks, gifts.
7. Mayor – Receive special gifts during the holidays . Christmas

Chapter 2 Walkthrough

The first spring of the game

The first season is a very important season because it is the building of meat for our farm. If it starts well then it’s much faster. What should be done in the first season? Let’s see:

Focus on planting radishes, Turnips, because they grow up quickly, get a lot of money. Do not grow flowers in the first season is strictly prohibited. Otherwise the loss will be wrinkled. Other activities such as digging, mining, fishing, but like. 

Collect herbs to sell – Try to find forest products and herbs to sell for extra income. 

Giving gifts to angels – It is very necessary because the angels will unlock pet dealers. To do every day until the end of 30 days, then depending on the satisfaction Who is confused to add that? See chapter 1.

Watch cooking shows on TV – In the game, we can learn easy cooking recipes by watching TV every Tuesday once a week.

Entered a contract with Phut Jiw – At first we didn’t have much money, so we couldn’t give the item to the dwarf. All in all, remember that 7 dwarfs like the same powder. ) Is what you like Can buy in the shop now Recommend focusing on the three main ones first for speed, namely blue, blue and purple.

Save the wallet to expand the pocket– There are two sizes of bags in the game to buy, medium size 3000g and large size 5000g. Buy as you wish.

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