Stoneshard – Tips for New Mercenary (How to Live in Forest)

Tips for new mercenary of Stoneshard help you on how to live in the forest.

Tips for New Mercenary (How to Live in Forest)

1. Buy alcohol.

2. Take your preferred weapon from warehouse in local garrison.

3. Buy apples and tomatoes in the market.

4. Buy a waterskin from a merchant (if he wasnt kidnaped again).
Collect water from the well.

5. Walk along the edges of the zones to the nearest forest camp
(originally marked with a question mark on the map).

6. Carefully lure and reassure the bandits in the camp one at a time.

7. Reduce hunger and thirst with apples, tomatoes and water (avoid overeating) and use a sleeping bag for 6 hours of sleep.

8. After waking up, collect all the penny bun and pinecap mushrooms that you find and look for bendites and wolves.

9. When you find one of these groups, try to deal with them one by one or by bringing them together if both groups are nearby (regardless of the cause of enemy death, you will gain experience if you are in sight).

10. Rest after each one skirmish, moving away from the defeated enemy at a safe distance where you will not be able to be noticed.

11. Use a sleeping bag after dealing with a group of enemies (the duration depends on the level of pain and the severity of the injuries).

12. Collect wolf pelts and bandit weapons to containers of the camp, and cook meat and mushrooms at the stake.

13. Don’t eat a Death Cap – it’s not worth it.

14. When loading a save, you refreshing the zone.

15. When the water remains for two uses, return to the settlement along with the most valuable contents of your camp, using the sleeping bag in advance.

16. Repeat until the desired result.

by Nerzret

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