Stellaris – How to Set up an Origin (for 2.6)

This guide shows how to set up an Origin (for 2.6) in Stellaris.

How to Set up an Origin (for 2.6)?

This is a short guide to create an Origin. For this guide, i will assume that you, the reader, have created a mod using Stellaris’ mod tools.

Applications used: Notepad++ or another rich text editor, and an image editor that can open .dds files. Personally, I use Visual Studio Code and GIMP.

Create the Origin itself

Inside your main mod folder, create 4 folders. Name them “common”, “gfx”, “interface” and “localisation” (s, not z). Your mod files should look like this:

Now to create the Origin itself. Inside the “common” folder, create the “governments” folder, and the “civics” folder inside of that.

Then, inside of the “civics” folder, open up your rich text editor of choice and create a .txt file. Name it whatever you want, the game will read it anyway.

Inside of it:

Stellaris - How to Set up an Origin (for 2.6)

Most of the code is the same as any old Civic, but as for the parts that are important:

You can kind of guess what these do. Keep an eye on “picture”, this is where you will put your GFX_event_picture later on.

Create the Origin’s graphics (thumbnail)

In the “gfx” folder, create the folders “event_pictures”, and “interface”.

First we want a nice looking thumbnail for the origin. Inside the “event_pictures” folder, create the “origins” folder.

Using GIMP or literally any other program that can export .dds files, create the picture for the Origin and place it in the folder. The image should be 218×114 pixels in size.

Stellaris - How to Set up an Origin (for 2.6)

Here’s one i prepared earlier:

(hot tip: shift cmd E to export a file, make sure to select .dds or change the file extension to it)

After that is all done and good, we have to declare it using a .gfx file, or something.

In your main mod folder, go to the “interface” folder and create a .gfx file inside of it.

Inside of it:

“name” should be the same as the GFX_event_picture in the Origins file

“texturefile” should refer to the actual .dds thumbnail image.

Feel free to add as many spriteType declares in the spriteTypes list as you need.

Create the Origin’s Graphics (Icon)

In the “gfx/interface” folder, create the folder “icons”, then “origins” inside of that.

With your IESOC (image editing software of choice), create the icon for the Origin. It should be 40x40px. Here is the base Origin icon, if you like: icon_blank[]

Here’s the one I prepared earlier:

Then just place that image inside the folder.


This file can be named anything, be sure to add _l_english or _l_whateverlanguage to the end of the file name, and that it is a .yml file

Inside of it:


Remember, this is the BARE MINIMUM for creating an Origin. You’ll have to add in any parts you want the Origin to do, like a civic. To check for an origin, use “has_origin”, just like you’d use “has_civic”, or “has_valid_civic”.

by Laneer

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