State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition – Where To Locate Best Weapons

This guide will show you where to locate the best weapons in State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition.

Where to Locate the Best Weapons?

I can say that the weapon design of State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is not very good. However, when you face Juggernaut, you definitely need weapons that can be as effective as explosives to reduce the tension you experience. Especially in regions where there are Plague Hearts, if you can clear the area from zombies, you will see that there are very good weapons.


Although AK-47 is one of the best weapons in the game, it makes a lot of noise.

Uzi, if you bought a silencer through Trade, you will get your work done without attracting other zombies to the area.

But Kodiak, aka shotgun, contains many disadvantages in terms of sound. In addition to being able to target remotely,

How to Find Them?

  • Go to map (Press M).
  • Go to Providence Ridge
  • Ride to:

Secken’s Auto Repair: Raider’s Ar 15

Green Graffitied Warehouse:

  • Halligan Tool: 12 Ibs Melees Weapon
  • Kodiak: Shotgun 8 Ibs (Power Full)
  • Civilian Uzi Rifle

Prescott Police Station: AK-47

Old Homestead’s Best Weapons in Meagher Valley

Eternal Guard’s Infinite Rage

Ranged Weapon: Assault

Features a unique helical magazine with incredible capacity, as well as a brake and a mid-range optic. The name is inscribed on the barrel. How exactly this arrived in the U-S-of-A is a mystery forever lost to time.


Old Homestead in Meagher Valley

M99X1 Timberwolf

Ranged Weapon: Anti-Materiel Rifle

An ultralight bort, integral suppressor, and barrel made of some experimental composite make for a truly frightening weapon. Likely fielded as a last-ditch effort to counter the growing zombie threat It’s yours now. Take good care of It.

Bolt-action rifles never jam or break.


Old Homestead in Meagher Valley


Ranged Weapon: Cannon

A crude prototype meant to bring the power of an anti-aircraft gun down to portable size. If you dream of raw, blistenng firepower, this is the weapon for you.


Old Homestead in Meagher Valley


Ranged Weapon: Launcher

Just point and things go boom. Useful when you lack time for minor details, such as aiming.


Old Homestead in Meagher Valley

Bolt Scout

Ranged Weapon: Rifle

A feature-rich utility rifle: light, precise, bolt action, and mag-fed. Bolt-action rifles never jam or break.


Rusty Storage Unit in Cascade Hills.

Bonus (Attachments)

Advanced Brake

Muzzle Mod – Brake

A high-tech brake made using painstakingly re-engineered tools. Seriously reduces recoil and increases power and range, at the cost of making the weapon louder. Grants the weapon a significant chance to dismember, knock down, or penetrate through targets.

Advanced Choke

Muzzle Mod – Choke

A finely machined “Full” choke, built to maximize range and minimize spread on any compatible weapon.


Old Homestead in Meagher Valley

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