State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition – How to Kill Plague Heart (Getting Uzi)

This guide for Heart of Sickness Mission in State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition will help you on how to kill Plague Heart and how to find Uzi.

Heart of Sickness Mission

Destroy the plague heart threatening the area. However, before, zombies will appear in the field, covered with blood. Also, if you cannot kill Screamer without preventing him from screaming, it can be very difficult because there are many zombies in that area.

Optional: Invite Glacia to fight the plague heart alongside you.

This “Optional” is important since you need a man or woman to fight.

Optional: Trade with Porfirio to get some explosives.

Optional: Craft your own explosives in your Workshop.

Tips for Plague Heart

These horrible flesh mounds seem to be focal points for the blood plague.

The area around them usually teems with plague zombies.

The best way to take out a plague heart is with explosives or fire.

Found Uzi

Civilian Uzi 22 Carbine Ranged Weapon: Rifle

A recreational homage to a decades-old submachine gun design. The carbine configuration grants better mid-range precision in exchange for reduced mobility and visibility.

Kill 9 Plague Heart

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