State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition – How to Get Car (Stuck)

This guide will help you on how to get a car if lost or broken in State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition.

How to Get Car (Stuck)?

I lost my car and found it through the map. But I crashed and it destroys. Do not worry about it. You need a repair kit and gas. You can find out them in the “Claim Outpost” point.

All Cars

Vehicles can be fixed (but not at all) with repair kits. You can find them in loot, sometimes on traders, and craft them.

There are plenty of vehicles on the map. Scout by climbing towers, in area’s un-scouted (scouting itself doesn’t use magic to make vehicles magically appear).

Don’t use vehicles are weapons, it isn’t worth it. Unless the situation looks awful, but then it should be fine if you been treating the vehicle right. They’re far too important for transporting materials and yourself.


They are spread all over the map. Cars that are destroyed can be repaired (unlike the first game). If you get a car stuck somewhere, climb inside it and use the Radio Command “Stuck?” It will reset you and the car’s position getting you unstuck.

Cars can also be spawned in by certain missions. Generally, there are usually about 12+ cars on the map not counting spawned in cars.


  • Press B and go to the Base
  • Select Salvage Beast Auto Works
  • Learn Mechanics
  • Gain or improve Mechanics Skill

Grants the Mechanics skill to a survivor who uses it, assuming that survivor has no current community skill.

If the survivor who uses this already has the Mechanics skill, they’ll instead improve that skill, even if they’ve already specialized it

Another action is currently active. Please wait while it completes.

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