STAR WARS™: Squadrons – How to Remap Joystick

A guide on how to remap joystick in STAR WARS™: Squadrons.

How to Remap Joystick

A quick guide to remap joystick axis to get around EA’s imposed ~20% deadzones on HOTAS Pitch and Roll

Step By Step Guide

Quick fix. Lots of steps, but takes less than 10 minutes. This works because we remap the pitch and roll axis in game to virtual rotary axes that don’t have the 20% deadzone imposed on them by squadrons.

1) Plug in your HOTAS

2) Download VJoy here:

3) Install VJoy

4) Download Joystick Curves here:

5) Install Joystick Curves

6) Open Squadrons, set to run in a window, and make the window about half the width of your screen

7) Close Squadrons

8) Open Joystick curves

9) Select your physical joystick device in the physical dropdown

10) Select physical axis of pitch

11) Select virtual joystick 1 in the virtual dropdown

12) Select virtual axis of rotary 2

13) click add new tab and repeat steps 9-12 selecting a physical axis of roll and virtual axis of rotary 1

14) right click in the big green grid and under virtual pitch select rotary 2 and under virtual roll select rotary 1

15) Move your joystick around and you should see the crosshairs move around correctly

16) open squadrons

17) in controls, click remap and flight

18) switch to Joystick Curves and click the pitch tab

19) click “virtual axis test loop” checkbox, now you’ll see the bright green, “virtual” crosshair move from top to bottom and loop

20) We are going to start with pitch down because it is harder and will wipe the correct setting for pitch up if you fail the first time. You need to watch the virtual crosshair move down, and when its at about 80% of the way to the bottom, select pitch down in squadrons and do not touch your stick. Wait a second and the virtual test loop will cause it to map to the virtual joystick. This ~80% timing somehow tricks the system and maps the x or y “-rotate+” you need. If it says x or y “-rotate-” that’s ok, just do it again till you get a plus.

21) Now to get the inverse for pitch up, just select pitch up when the crosshair is approaching the center of the green grid and wait a second or two. You’ve succeeded when it maps to x or y “-rotate-“. If it says x or y “-rotate+” it will have over written pitch down and you need to do step 21 again first.

22) Turn off the virtual axis test loop and click the roll tab

23) repeat steps 19-21 for roll right and roll left. If you do it right, you should see roll right map to x or y “-rotate+” and roll left map to x or y “-rotate-“

24) Turn off the virtual axis test loop

  • Your mappings should now look like this:

25) You’ll need to run joystick curves every time you run the game

May the force be with you.

By Anynigma

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  1. When I try to start Squadrons with Joystick Curves running, the Easy Anti-Cheat prevents Squadrons from opening. Any suggestions?

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