STAR WARS™: Squadrons – How to Make Flight Controls Much Better

A guide on how to make flight controls much better in STAR WARS™: Squadrons.

How to Make Flight Controls Much Better

Flight Stick Controls

The first thing you’ll want to do is immediately navigate to the control options, select remap controls, and then the flightstick option at the top.

After doing that you want to

  • Change Yaw to either twist or rudder, depending on your HOTAS setup
  • Range Roll to the stick’s X axis

For some reason, this stopped my throttle from working. However, all that I needed to do to fix it was bind it again.

Other Tweaks

By default, Invert Flight is disabled. Enable it in the controls menu (not the remapping menu), it took me a while to realise why flying felt so weird until I noticed it and then it felt great.

Important again
If your thruster isn’t working, just go to the remapping menu and bind it again. It seems like rebinding controls for the first time makes the game stop looking for a generic throttle input and start looking for throttle Y input instead, which isn’t bound by default. (At least that’s my guess at what happened)

This took me from barely being able to follow the squad leader in the tutorial to weaving through debris and scenery, honestly I’m confused as to why it isn’t the default layout.

By Solid Pingu

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