Star Renegades – Combat Guide (Stats, Damage, Armor, and More)

It is a guide to combat (stats, damage, armor, and more) in Star Renegades.

Combat Guide

Actions Timeline

Combat in Star Renegades is deterministic, meaning you can see your enemy’s actions before they execute, allowing you to Defend, CRIT, Stagger, or Break them.

All actions are displayed on the timeline according to their execution time in the round, except for Instant actions, which execute immediately. Each round is BO seconds.

Stats & Actions

A unit’s current health is shown in the status bars above their heads and consist of Shields, Health, and Armor.

Any effects are also displayed above the status bars.

On enemies, you can see the Action they are going to execute.

Shields regenerate at the end of every combat.

Health and Armor can be increased or healed during Camping or from Health and Armor crates found during your mission.

CRIT Bonuses

A CRIT occurs when a unit is hit BEFORE they can execute their action. The CRIT Bonus that is applied is shown below the attacking power’s main information.

CRITs can do extra damage, Break the enemy’s attack, pierce shields or armor, damage armor, or have other devastating effects.

Be careful though! Enemies can also CRIT your heroes if they are hit before they can execute their attack.


Attacks can Stagger an enemy’s action, delaying it to execute later in the round, allowing your squad to execute more actions and CRITs before the enemy can act.

The amount of Stagger an attack will do when it CRITs is shown in green beside the Stagger time delay icon.

Break & Stagger Limit

With careful planning, you can chain attacks together to land multiple Staggers on an enemy and Break them by pushing them into the next round.

However, enemies have a Stagger Limit denoting how many times they can be Staggered before they are immune. This is shown on the timeline beside their portrait.

An enemy’s Stagger Limit increases again after they execute their action.

Core Damage Types

AIL attacks have a Core Damage Type that describes what kind of attack it is. They are Light, Normal, Heavy, Flurry, AoE, Counter, and Combo attacks.

Adversaries may be Weak to specific Core Damage Types and take extra damage and delays from them.

However, they can also be Resistant or even Immune to specific Core Damage Types and take little to no damage and delays from them.


Armor absorbs damage before it reaches Health. The amount of damage that can be absorbed per hit is equal to the amount of Armor they have.


  • Total Attack Damage = 56
  • Shields Damaged = -48
  • Enemy Armor = 8
  • Remaining Health Damage = 8-8 = 0

Armor Damage & Armor Piercing

Attacks that can cause Armor Damage on a CRIT, display the amount of Armor Damage done in the attack’s details.

Some attacks or Elemental Damage Types can Pierce Armor. While it doesn’t damage the Armor, it can bypass some of it and damage the enemy’s Health directly.

Inspection Mode

Use Inspection Mode to view a unit’s stats and who they are targeting.

While in Inspection Mode, you can also view a unit’s traits and effects to see what Weaknesses, Strengths, Resistances, and Immunities they have.

Damage Prediction & Kill Shots

When targeting an enemy, you are shown a prediction of the outcome of your actions on that enemy for that round. If your actions will presumably result in the death of the enemy, then a Kill Shot indicator will be displayed.


Damage predictions and the Kill Shot indicator are NOT always 100% accurate because many things [heals, damage debuffs, defense buffs] can happen before the final blow lands, resulting in a changed outcome.


Your heroes generate Fury by landing CRITs and Breaks on the enemy. CRITs generate 1 Fury while Breaks generate 3 Fury.

Use Fury to execute special actions or Combo maneuvres for devastating effect.


Combos are special maneuvres that cost Fury and are executed by two of your heroes simultaneously. Each Combo can only be executed ONCE per combat.

Combos are only available for heroes that have strong Relationships, which can be increased during Camping.

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