Squad – MEC RPG 29 Guide (How to Range a Targe, Tips & Tricks)

MEC RPG 29 guide helps on how to range a target and general tips & tricks for Squad.

MEC RPG 29 Guide


First of all, the first thing you need to understand, is that the rangefinder at the bottom right is completely useless and inaccurate, it is more of a cosmetic and not an actual stadia rangefinder. For targets up to 200m, use the 2nd small cross as the point of aim and aim center mass of the target. The muzzle velocity of this launcher is super high and therefore no need to use the 1st 100m big cross. Here is a photo for your information.

NATO Tanks Ranging

I am going to teach you how to range targets, independently and it does not require any help form your SLs or Commander. This technique, works for most NATO tanks and this guide does not include any soviet/Russian tanks, because MEC mostly face NATO. Also, this technique only works up to 500m. In the picture, there are two tanks, one LAV and a Leopard 2. I simply use the 300 and 400m chevron as a range finder, if a tank fits into the 300m and 400m chevron, the range to that target is 300m. If the target’s height is between 300m and 400m chevron, than the target is 400m. Lastly, if the target is the size of a small chevron, than the range is 500m. The target in this picture is about 400m.

Bradley Ranging

Due to the height of the Bradley, the ranging is sightly different, compared to most NATO tanks. Instead of using the 300 and 400m chevron. You use 400m as the top chevron and 500m as the bottom the chevron. The ranging technique is still the same, use this picture as a guide. The range to the target is 400m.

Final Tips

My last few tips, when using this launcher or the regular one is that always make sure no one is behind the launcher when firing, there is back blast in game and it can hurt or kill teammates. Secondly, always use cover when firing, this launcher takes a long time to deploy and reload, therefore, make sure you use enough cover or concealment. Lastly, the arming distance of the rocket is much further than you think. So make sure you give yourself some distance away from the target.

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