Sprocket – How to Make the Best Tanks

A guide on how to make the best tanks in Sprocket.

How to Make the Best Tanks

This guide shall tell you how to create good tanks.

Mobility only matters if you can’t see your enemies

Trying to make your tank light in this game is useless, I tried to recreate the l3/33 and it ended up being 12 tonnes while also severely underpowered and takes 6 seconds to load a 30mm shell. Being fast does not matter unless you are trying to challenge yourself and use a short barrel of 30mm, then you actually need to flank your enemies, but I do not know if even that will help your god-forsaken gun.

Though I do find that you won’t have trouble fitting the strongest possible engine configuration in any tank that is bigger than a panzer iv

The current meta is armor

More specifically angled armor, since armor doesn’t really weigh much in the game you best just crank the sliders all the way to the right. If you angle it enough even the king tiger won’t be able to penetrate you, scratch that, even if a 250mm shell shot from an 8 meter long barrel at 355m/s hits you it will just harmlessly bounce off.

Engines are horridly underpowered and everything is way heavier than it should be

I tried to make a panzer iv in-game with the exact armor values and gun as the original, obviously not 100% accurate but it needed a 16 cylinder engine to reach the same speeds as its real-life counterpart, and do you want to know why? It weighed 45 tonnes, almost twice the weight it’s supposed to be despite being the same size (generally) and as mentioned above, the replica of the l3/33 weighed 12 tonnes.

Never put fuel inside the hull

It might sound stupid but it actually works, you do not need to put fuel inside the hull, you can just use external fuel tanks, it does not waste space and as far as I know, achieves better results for less weight.

Make your tracks as thin as possible

While this might make your tracks fragile it does not really matter in the later maps as the enemies approach you, though some maps do require thick tracks because you need to run away from other tanks. By thinning your tracks you save more weight and thus make the tank lighter.

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