SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – How to Obtain Shiny Objects Fastly

This guide will help you on how to obtain shiny objects fastly in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated.

How to Obtain Shiny Objects Fastly?


So I’m sure you’ve all noticed that Mr. Krabs decided to get pretty pricey with his golden spatulas. If you want to get that sweet 100% then your going to need to fork over a total of 108,000 shiny objects, and that’s not even counting for if you want in the movie theater, which would add another 40,000 on top of that. For now we don’t know of any glitches for quickly getting a massive amount of shiny objects, but I think I’ve found the best route so far for quickly getting them.

Head to the Guppy Mound

This route happens at the guppy mound in sand mountain, head there and get inside.

Order of Smackin’

Once you head in your greeted by three huge tiki stacks, each brimming with shiny objects, but before you do anything, swap over to sandy at the bus station that’s also in the little area.

Once you’ve swapped over, your ready to start the run.

First, trigger the thunder tiki in the middle of the shh tiki, don’t hit or lasso him, just light his fuse and run away.

Next, quickly run over to the other thunder tiki and lasso him.

Finally, destroy the last stack of tiki however you want.

The Slide

After you finish smackin’ the tiki, its time to actually get on the ramp.

Jump on the ramp and stay right as much as you can, when the path splits make sure you take the right side of the fork.

Most importantly, hit every tiki. yes, all of them. even the thunder tiki. this is a big part of the objects you get, try to always hit all of them as you use this method.

Very soon after you start to slide, you’ll come up to a fork with a button.

Hit the button then immediately slow down, hold S and wait. The button spawns a huge boulder that will smash into a huge wall of thunder tiki and another of normal tiki. this is the biggest source of your objects. Slow down until all the objects from those two big walls have flown to you, then jump off the ramp and reset yourself.

An important thing to note, make sure to not make this jump.

This is the jump right after the button, and if you make it you will trigger a checkpoint.

If you hit the checkpoint you need to go all the way down the mountain or manually reset via the menu. Make sure you fall off the slide and reset before this jump.

The Juice

Once you’ve reset yourself, you should spawn directly back at the top of the slide.

From there, do it all over again. Keep going until you get however many shiny objects you still needed.

This method nets you about 900 shiny objects per run if you hug right and hit every tiki possible like i said, its slow goings, but it’s the best I’ve found right now.

 by Chief

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