SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – How to Get Golden Spatula (Jellyfish Fields)

A guide on how to get golden spatula (Jellyfish Fields) and collect all things in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated.

Jellyfish Fields (How to Get Golden Spatula and Complete It)

At the very beginning of the level. Go around the rock to the right.

2/14       On the next island, after you have built the bridge. Near the sea there is a button on the mountain. Click on it and pop up barrels that can be used to move to a neighboring island.

3/14       Another sock will be given out after the game of skittles. But first you need a skill for throwing soap bubbles.

4/14       The next sock is on the highest elevation. You can get to it by plants that repel.

5/14       In the same place where you started jumping for the previous sock, but now jump on the mountain behind. On the mountain, on the fountain.

6/14       This sock can only be obtained by Patrick. Freeze the water with ice and run to the sock.

7/14       The next location is. When going down, jump into the fork on the right.

8/14       At the end of the descent, you need to jump on the hill to the right. There will be a sock there. If it didn’t work out, then there is a box for returning to the top.

9/14       The next sock can be found by playing for Patrick. In the cave, when you first need to put one watermelon on another, look up and see the sock. To get it, you need to put one watermelon on top of another and climb on them.

10/14     In a cave near the exit. Freeze the water and take the sock.

11/14     After leaving the cave, switch to Spongebob and shoot down all the targets. To do this, you need the ability to shoot soap bubbles, which will become available only after moving through the story.

12/14     In the cave, you can only get there from the highest white mushroom.

13/14     Going up, you will find an ice cube and climb up. Go along the cliff to the left and find the sock.

14/14     After defeating the boss, go downhill. At the first turn, jump down and go down this route, on this way you will find a sock.

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