SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – How to Collect All Things in Sand Mountain

A guide on how to collect all things in Sand Mountain of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated.

How to Collect All Things in Sand Mountain?

At the very beginning of the location. Destroy the sandman.

2/10 At the bottom of the cliff.

3-5/10 Guppy Mound location. At the very beginning, select the upper path for the first jump. At the next fork, choose the left path. At the finish line, choose the right path.

6/10 Flounder Hill location. On the next descent, always choose the upper path. The second red pipe will have a sock on it.

7/10 Destroy all sandmen. At the finish, you will see a sock.

8-9/10 Sand Mountain location. During the descent for sandy, use all jump pads. After the second jump pad, jump and use the rope to get out of the descent.

10/10 Playing as Spongebob repeat the same route as for Sandy. But now, after the second jump pad, a Sandstone will fall and roll along the track. Follow this stone and find the sock.

How to Collect All Things in Kelp Forest?

Shoot down all the figurines with a bubble.

2/7 Next to the previous sock, climb up on the statuettes, and then on the orange leaves.

3/7 There’s a river behind Mrs.Puff, and there’s an ice cube on that river. Freeze the river, near the island with the ice cube is a sock. Right next to the waterfall.

4/7 In the gorge with the shell there is a ledge in the rock, on this ledge is a sock.

5/7 From the shell, turn left and follow the gorge until you find 2 orange leaves. They will throw you on a rock with a watermelon. Look around and find the sock, it’s on a nearby rock.

6/7 At the end of the cave where you collected crystals for Barnacle Boy. The sock is located at the shortcut to Barnacle Boy.

7/7 The last sock on the descent. Always use an orange leaf that throws you up.

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