SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated – How to Boost FPS (Ultra High Quality)

A guide on how to boost FPS (ultra high quality) in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated.

How to Boost FPS (Ultra High Quality)?


Are you a PC gamer that what to run this game to the max of the max or want to run this on a potato? well, this guide will help you adjust the graphic to make this game look beautiful or potato.

Adjusting the Quallity – the Files

There two files that you can adjust the quality of the texture, models, etc. in:

  • [C:\Users\YOUNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\Pineapple\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor]

I highly recommend setting these two files to read-only/b[] (by right-clicking them and click properties) if you are going to edit them as this will stop the game overwriting them.

Adjusting the Quallity – GameUserSetting.ini

The first file called “GameUserSettings.ini” (from testing this doesn’t change the quality of texture and models)Inside you can adjust these value (note some are cap at 3 or 4 unless you make the file read-only)

What inside the GameUserSettings.ini

Configable settings



  • Value: 100.00000.
  • Adjust render resolution (1-100).


  • Value: 3.
  • Adjust view distance quality (0-4).


  • Value: 3.
  • Adjust Anti-Aliasing (0-4).


  • Value: 3.
  • Adjust Shadow Quality (0-3).


  • Value: 3.
  • Adjust Post-Process Quality (0-3).


  • Value: 3.
  • Adjust Texture Quality (0-3).


  • Value: 3.
  • Adjust Effects Quality (0-3).


  • Value: 3.
  • Adjust Foliage Quality (0-4).

Below this, you can turn on other options but these are just displayed and resolution settings.



  • Value: True.
  • Enable or dissable VSync, Great for 60hz screen as it removes screen tearing (True – False).


  • Value: False.
  • Change the resolution depending what on-screen to achieve a stable FPS (most notably on the switch port).


  • Value: 1920.
  • Set the pixel count of X value (what your monitor resolution is).


  • Value: 1080.
  • Set the pixel count of Y value (what your monitor resolution is).


  • Value: 1.
  • Enable or disable Fullscreen mode (0 = off 1 = on).


  • Value: 0.
  • Adjust the Audio Quality (haven’t notice any quality differents if the value is changed to a higher or lower number).


  • Value: 0.000000.
  • Cap the FrameRate to a Pacific number.


  • Value: False.
  • Enable or disable HDR (Highly recommend turning it on if you have a HRD Screen).


  • Value: 1000.
  • Something Related to HRD Settings (can’t test this as I don’t own a HDR Display).

Adjusting the Quallity – Engine.ini (If GameUserSetting.ini Doesn’t Change Much)

The Second file called “Engine.ini” is where you can make a lot of changes to make this game look potato and give you PC an FPS boost (Personally I found this to be more effective than GameUserSettings.ini).

By default, the file only has this section:

If you want to Adjust the quality of texture, models, LOD, etc. You have to add these line of code.



  • Value (min-max): 0-5.
  • Change the View distance of object poping in (lower number = more pop in).


  • Value (min-max): 0-5.
  • Change the foliage draw distance, a higher number will make grass render more in the distance.


  • Value (min-max): 0-4.
  • Enable or disable motion blur and adjust how strong it is. (0 = off).


  • Value (min-max): -5 – 5.
  • Adjust the quality of LOD from a distance, Higher number = worse, but can be set to “-number” which give you better LOD but will impact performance.


  • Value (min-max): Higher number = blurry, while “-number” make it sharper.
  • Make texture blurry or sharper.


  • Value (min-max): 0 – 20.
  • Grass and tree render at higher or lower quality at a distance. lower number = lower quality in the distance while a higher number makes it a higher quality in the distance.


  • Value (min-max): 0 – 1.
  • Disable or enable fog. 0 = off 1 = on.

Your Engine.ini should look something like this:

by Nathan3197

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