Split or Steal – Guide to Heists

A guide on heists will show how to benefit from it, which the best target is in Split or Steal.


All inside look on what a heist is, how you can benefit from it, the effects it has on you and the target, choosing the best target, simplifying all the information for your little brain to digest.

The Basics

  • Heists cost 20 million coins to start which is fronted by the person starting the heist.
  • Up to 3 other people can join in at 0 costs, the rewards will be split evenly between everyone participating.
  • For max rewards, your team must roll 4 * opponents defense.
  • Caus Belli will lower the target’s defense by a 12x divider and negate the karma loss (10k or 10% whichever is lower).
  • Without a Casus Belli, you cannot heist a victim if you do not have 20k karma.
  • If both players steal from each other, no one is granted a Casus Belli.
  • If a person has recently been heisted by anyone they will be unavailable as a heist target for ~2hours.
  • You can only heist a person once every 24 hours. (Fatigue will lase 48 hours, lowering your attack ratio by a 5x divider, at 12 hours fatigue it’s (current mins fatigued /2880)).
  • Rewards are based entirely off the HQ of the person being heisted.
  • Heists DO NOT AFFECT THE VICTIM, they aren’t even aware they were heisted.


  • Simply put, these are both scales with your ever-growing score (score based on money earned after multipliers). Nothing else really matters in the grand scheme don’t change your gameplay for this.
  • A 10 million investment will double your attack, a 50 mil investment will triple your attack. If you need a 10 million investment may be worth it over finding a new target. I wouldn’t to any more than that personally.
  • The defense also scales off karma, high karma = high defense, low kama = low defense. (defense stat from buildings is useless since so is defense)
  • Attack has a low roll, high roll. High Karma = High Low Roll, Low Karma = High High Roll), if your low roll number is higher then high roll, you will always roll the high roll, no chance in it. If your low roll is < high roll, it can be any number in between.

First Heist

  • As long as you have 20 million and a heist available you should be constantly considering weather you can heist someone or not, don’t settle for targets with less than 15 arts, for your first heists till you get your own Attack Multiplier through artifacts you can have the assistance of someone overpowered to carry you through the run.
  • You will only be rewarded 8 artifacts but the hardest thing about artifacts is getting the first 200 or so, from there, it’s smooth sailing for the rest of your game life.

The Perfect Target

  • The perfect target will be someone who will reward you with 500k coins and 15 artifacts. This is the highest amount of artifacts you can get from a single heist. Most of these people have high karma but there are some sitting 30k below which will destroy their defense to nothing when they steal unless they have a massive defense bonus from artifacts already.

See below LetsSplit well-known thief rewards 15 artifacts and has 180 defense.

Split or Steal - Guide to Heists
Split or Steal - Guide to Heists

by Finbar

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