Spiritfarer – Guide to Gwen (Quests, Character, and More)

A guide to Gwen (quests, character, and more) in Spiritfarer.

Guide to Gwen (Quests, Character, and More)

This is a guide for the first passenger on your ship Gwen with her complete quest line.


  • Favourite Food: Black Coffee.
  • Likes: Comfort food, Fine dining food.
  • Dislikes: Anything with shellfish, Fruit.

Quest Guide

Character Introduction

Gwen is first met at the Alt Harbor after you become the new Spiritfarer.

You follow her to the new boat, where she reveals her true form. With that starts Gwen’s Quest Line and your introduction into the world.

Request: Set Sail, Captain!

  • Head over to Albert’s Shipyard (X: 61; Y: 64)
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Talk to Albert
  • Upgrade your Blueprint Station
  • Enter your boat
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Look at your Blueprint Station above your cabin
  • Use Edit to salvage the trash
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Build a Guest House
  • Talk to Gwen

Request: I get cranky when I’m hungry

  • Hunt some jellyfish
  • Resource Bright Jelly is now available
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Build a kitchen
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Cook Corn
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Give her Popcorn
  • Receive Obol

Request: Seed for the Future

  • Head to Mosstein Cove (X: 78; Y:130)
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Cut down a Maple tree
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Build a field
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Head to Hummingberg (X: 39; Y: 139)
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Go to the shrine
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Browse the shop’s inventory
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Buy some seeds for the field
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Plant seeds in the field
  • Talk to Gwen

Request: The More, the Merrier

  • Find passenger on Barkensheim Creek (X: 5; Y: 117).
  • Talk with Atul and finish the Request: Sticky Fingers.
  • Welcome Atul on board
  • To continue this quest you need to have obtained the Obol from Atul and the ability Double Jump from the shrine in Hummingberg.
  • Find passenger in Hummingberg (X: 39; Y: 139)
  • Welcome Summer on board

Request: Spring Feet

  • Accessible after getting the Obol from Atul.
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Activate the shrine in Hummingberg
  • Ability Double Jump unlocked

Request: Usonia 1

  • Talk to Gwen
  • Build Gwen’s Lodge
  • Talk to Gwen

Request: Basic Moves

  • Accessible after building the Loom.
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Try the Loom
  • Resource Thread is now available
  • Talk to Gwen

Request: Back to the Past

  • Talk to Gwen
  • Visit Villa Maggiore (X: -58; Y: 117)
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Find the music box
  • Loom upgrade obtained
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Give her the music box

Request: More than meets the eye

  • Talk to Gwen
  • Improve the Loom
  • Talk to Gwen
  • Try the upgraded Loom
  • Resource Fabric is now available
  • Talk to Gwen

Request: Pretty on the Inside

  • Talk to Gwen
  • Improve Gwen’s Lodge by fully decorating it
  • Talk to Gwen

Request: Taking Time Off

  • Talk to Gwen
  • Wait for her to feel better

Request: I must be off

The quest starts after finding Gwen’s Lodge empty.

  • Find Gwen’s whereabouts.
  • Go back to Villa Maggiore.
  • Talk to Gwen.
  • Talk to Gwen on the boat.

Request: One Last Time

  • Bring Gwen to the Everdoor.
  • Find a Spirit Flower in Gwen’s Lodge.

 by Kidari

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