Spiritfarer – All Favorite Foods of Characters (Gwen, Atul, and More)

This guide shows all favorite foods of characters (Gwen, Atul, and More) in Spiritfarer.

All Favorite Foods of Characters (Gwen, Atul, and More)



Hint 1: She mentions she enjoys it.

Hint 2: It’s a drink.

Made with: Coffee Beans

Favourite food: Black Coffee


Hint 1: A meaty dish.

Made with: Pork

Favourite food: Pork Chops


Hint 1: A balanced vegan dish.

Hint 2: Has grains in it.

Made with: Grain + Veggie/Mushroom

Favourite food: Grain Salad


Hint 1: An Old Fashioned dish for an old fashioned lady.

Hint 2: A baked dish (IRL).

Hint 3: Stuffed with veggies.

Made with: Flour + Veggie/Mushroom

Favourite food: Veggie-pot pie


Hint 1: Plain, straightforward, and simple. The way Astrid likes it.

Hint 2: Soup based.

Made with: Rice Flour

Favourite food: Noodle Soup


Hint 1: Old Fashioned, yet Luxurious.

Hint 2: Meat based.

Hint 3: Very fatty.

Made with: Beef + Fat

Favourite food: Beef fondue

Bruce & Mickey

Hint 1: “Pub”/finger food.

Hint 2: Believed to have originated from Italy.

Hint 3: Garlic based.

Made with: Garlic + Wheat Flour

Favourite food: Garlic Bread


Hint 1: An Acquired Taste, very unique.

Hint 2: Fish based.

Hint 3: Not made in the kitchen.

Made with: Herring (Cellar)

Favourite food: Surströmming


Hint 1: Many kids enjoy this.

Hint 2: Easily found in modern cities.

Hint 3: Fried dish.

Made with: Potato + Fat

Favourite food: French Fries


Hint 1: Something he might eat during tabletop sessions with his friends.

Hint 2: Typically ordered with delivery.

Hint 3: Tomato topping.

Made with: Wheat Flour + Tomato

Favourite food: Tomato Pizza


Hint 1: Veggie based dish.

Hint 2: Specifically leafy veggies.

Hint 3: Has simple dressings.

Made with: Leaf Veggie + Fat

Favourite food: Green Salad

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