Spellcaster University – How to Start Construction

A quick starters guide to constructing a successful magic school ins Spellcaster University makes possible to build rooms, to train your students, to fight orcs, to slay the bureaucrats, to manage your budget

How to Start Construction?

The starting area for your school should be selected with care.

In Campaign mode you get to chose between three relatively easy areas.

a) The Forest (Area quest: None)

Area Special: Your students will not have much money.
If you charge them for using the dormitories or with paid meals etc., they will rather wander off to town and waste precious time there instead of studying, until they are recovered.
Nevertheless a very easy starting area.

b) The Castletown (Area quest: None)

Area Special: The Menestrel will distract your students from learning, until diplomatic conditions are met. You can also sell alchemic mana for gold to the Menestrel or receive bonus Advertisement (Fame) for your school from him.

c) The Lake (Area quest: None)

Area special: Yours students have a looong way to the next town. Make sure they don’t waste study time commuting. Also you will meet the ‘Lake Monster’.
To successfully complete the Lake Monster quest, you can buy 2 additional refectory rooms (student version), negotiate with the villagers to built them for you or set up an aquarium. You also need 4 dragons of different color The lake monster quest became a lot easier since the last update.

Each Area also comes with an individual set of options for a starting bonus. Pick one you like though extra classrooms, mana or money are always a good idea.

After chosing the Area, the first thing you should do is ‘pause the game’ either by hitting the ‘Space bar’ once or by hitting the small pause button in the lower right.
In this game ‘time’ is your most valuable resource.


In the game you buy cards for either mana or gold. The cards can be played to build new rooms in the schoolbuilding, to add furniture to the rooms or to use a potion for an instant effect.

– Each class of magic has its own color of mana.
– Each of the different mana colors and the money have a unique cardpool to buy from.
– Each time you buy cards either with money or mana, you get a random selection of three cards from the respective card pool.

– Mana will be regularly produced by your students studying in a classroom or using a magic furniture item in any room to study. It can also be won through diplomacy or by using potion cards.

– Money can be earned from:

  • a) Students signing up, renting dormitory beds, eating in the refectory (change the amounts in the director’s office, school settings). This barely gives money in Novice difficulty as barely anyone eats or sleeps.
  • b) Gaining a sponsor (director’s office, school settings).
  • c) Place ingredient creating furniture in the rooms and use the Alchemy kettle to create a philosophers stone card.
  • d) Have a student graduate with a future that grants an instant ‘money’ reward (Adventurer, Assassin, Master Assassin, Golem Manufacturer).
  • e) Diplomacy – the Adventurer Guild or the King may give you money if you ask nicely.
  • f) (Buff Spellbooks)
  • g) Set up one or more aquariums in much-frequented rooms.

Overall goals:

– To be able to build a great school you need mana of all colors and as much money as possible.
So the school needs to be set up from the start to create all 5 kinds of mana.
– Also it needs to be set up so, that the students graduate with as beneficial futures as possible for the granted boni.
– The Area goals in each level should be met for making as many allies as possible for the boss battle in the 7th level (Campaign modus).
– Each level will have 3 quests (Area goal may be one of it), fullfilling the quests will grant a spellbook buff for the rest of the game. The level of the received buff is depending on the number of completed quests.

The Basic School starting kit (in any level) consists of:

  • – A dormitory card (lowers students’ tiredness over time)
  • – A refectory card (lowers students’ hunger over time)
  • – A student room card (lowers students’ boredom over time)
  • – A card to summon 5 random students
  • – Two cards to create a new ‘House’ (see more below).
  • – Some starting money

Before you start building anything, use the money to buy some more cards.
The default starting money will be enough for a total of 3 cards.
Use this start money to prioritize buying the basic classrooms of different schools:

  • a) Nature
  • b) Light
  • c) Darkness
  • d) Arcane (high priority)
  • e) Alchemy (high priority)
  • – For the start you only need one of any color.
  • It is possible that you have bad luck and don’t get to draw any classroom cards.


– Play the room cards you have on your hand to begin the construction.
– Each classroom requires you to chose one of two offered teachers. Compare their teaching skills, benefits and flaws carefully. (The traits ‘Inspiring’ and ‘Wisdom of the Elders’ are preferable in most cases.)
– Later on be careful with the placement of the ‘Greenhouse’, the ‘Cloister of the rightful’ and other cards that have no exit to the upper levels, so you don’t block off your own construction progress. Rooms can not be moved or destroyed once placed.
– If you have any magic furniture/animal cards, you can place them now (or keep them for later when you have more options to use them). Some suggestions and examples will be listed in another chapter.)
– Use the two House cards to create two customized ‘Groups’ for your school to sort students into.
– Rooms of the same kind can be ‘stacked’, to level up a room’s efficiency. if you have a room card to place, a number indicating the level of a previously built similar room will appear. just drop the new card on the number to level the room up.


– (Cosmetic: Select a house crest, house name and house robe.)
– You can customize which of the 5 magic schools the students will prioritize/ignore and chose 2 of 6 random beneficial traits to aid.
– You’ll also have a default House, but customized Houses are better.
– The starting Houses should be customized to the classrooms you have in your school so far.
– Only the curriculum of a House can be modified once you signed off on it.


  • You drew a light classroom and an alchemy classroom card – have a House that makes the students prioritize learning light magic and alchemy. Select traits as ‘Chosen of light’ or ‘Initiated in Alchemy’, if available to give the students in this house an extra boost.
  • You have three or more different color classrooms, you don’t chose any priority for learning a certain school. Chose traits like ‘Generalist’ and ‘Hard worker’ to let the students in the House learn all magic faster. Or ‘Applied’ to create more mana.
  • Make a graduation House and chose traits like ‘Passionate’ and ‘Ambitious’ and sort students in their last school year to it, to give them better chances for a high prestige job future.
  • Depending on which area the school is in, you might want a House with traits that lower boredom, the need for sleep, the loss of sanity, or one that keeps the students from playing pranks (much).

– Play the ‘New Students’ card to get your first new students into the University. You have to sort them into the available Houses. As soon as the teachers arrive the students will start to learn and produce mana.
– When sorting the students make sure their abilities complement the traits of their house.
Pay special attention to the following character flaws as well:

  • a) Allergic to pollen – don’t put them in a class with ‘Nature’ magic.
  • b) Gothic – ‘Light’ magic is not cool enough for them.
  • c) Claustrophobic – ‘Dark’ rituals are not their thing.
  • d) Prosaic – they just don’t believe ‘Arcane’ magic is real.
  • e) Allergic to Crustaceans – (Okay here I think the text is translated wrong, it sais ‘Arcane’ magic but I think this flaw hinders students learning ‘Alchemy’ instead).

Random sized groups with new students will show up every new season.

Time to unpause the game. – See more in the next chapter.

by worstcase11

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