Space Haven – Guide to Crafting, Oxygen, Shuttle, Salvage Time

A guide to crafting, oxygen, shuttle, salvage time, etc. in Space Haven.

Guide to Space Haven


I’m adding this section because I have died to asphyxiation. And it was a process to get it solved.
First make sure you have water stored somewhere you can access it.

Then make sure there is oxygen in the generator. This sounds overly simple, but it could save you.

If you no longer have water, get ice as soon as possible.

Here you can see I have no ship oxygen 🙁

But I just traveled to this new sector for the ice asteroid.

I sent out my miners to get the ice and bring it back. Here is the ice in storage.

I make sure the water purifier is set to continuous. And someone brings ice.

And finally water is made and added to the oxygen generator, which starts to output oxygen.

We will live another day!

Use air vents for more efficient airflow. This is useful when you have a lot of people in one small room using the oxygen faster than which it can come in.

Uncategorised Shuttle

Free shuttles?

If you are unable to build a shuttle, you can always relocate it from a station with a shuttle.

Simply click the relocate button, then select a hangar.

If the needs are met, it should transfer over and be ready to go.

Salvage Time

After you clear a ship it’s time to get to work. Salvage is an easy way to obtain resources.
Select the ship you want to salvage from the tactical map. Then select the salvage button in the bottom right menu.

Go ahead and select all that you want, and leave what you don’t.

Wait, don’t forget to transfer the items from the ship as well.

Crafting Resources

The resource tab is where all of your machine blueprints exist.

Chemical Refinery:

Produces refined chemicals. Hazardous gasses and Noisy.

Energy Refinery:

Transforms energy crystals into energy rods and raw hyperium into hyperfuel. Hazardous gasses and noisy.


Produces basic construction components. Soft blocks, hull blocks, infrablocks.


Creates fabric from fibers.

Metal Refinery:

Turns carbon and base metals into steel plates. Heat and noisy.

Item Fabricator:

Creates various items and weapons.


Turn scrap materials into usable resources. Heat and noisy.

Water Purifier:

Turn ice into water.

Tools Facility:

Builds tools.

Advanced Assembler:

Produces high tech construction components (tech blocks and energy blocks).

Optronics Fabricator:

Produces optronic (electronics and light) components.

Electronic Fabricator:

Turns noble metals and base metals to electronic parts. Hazardous gasses and noisy.

Cell Fuser:

Uses electronic components and energy rods to create energy cells.


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