Space Engineers – NDS Interplanetary Ballistic Missile’s Quick Instructions

Guide on features of the NDS Interplanetary Ballistic Missile script.

Two-Stage Missile Instructions

The script now supports two-stage missiles where the first stage breaks away.

Quick Instructions

  1. Put the secondStageTimerKeyword into the Custom Data of any blocks used solely in the second stage. The default is “2”.
    Applies to: Remote Control, Merge Block, Connector, Rotor, Forward Reference Block, Gyroscopes, and Thrusters.
  2. Enable twoStageMissile.
  3. Enable form of disconnection used in separation if you want the script to control disconnection. This can be done manually with the second stage timer.
    Be sure you put the secondStageTimerKeyword into the Custom Data of the blocks used for disconnection to avoid misfires. Both Merge blocks and both Connectors.


First stage is the part that breaks away and is “abandoned” by the missile. Second stage is the missile that goes to the target. Any blocks not specified as second stage will default to first stage


When the second stage activates, any blocks specified for second stage only will become the new default. If second stage blocks aren’t specified, the first stage blocks will be used. If all blocks are specified as second stage, all blocks will be used for the first and second stage

When the second stage activate the gyros and thrusters used in the first stage will have their overrides disabled so they can be used with autopilot to guide the first stage back


When the second stage activates, if a timer was specified, the second stage timer will trigger. This can be used for several things: enabling the reverse Thruster(s) on the first stage, enabling autopilot on the Remote Control on the first stage, manual disconnection of the first and second stage, turning on a beacon, etc

To specify a timer to trigger when the second stage activates set the secondStageTimerKeyword and put it into the Name of a timer. It is case insensitive. If you set it to “second” name the timer something like “Timer second stage” or “Second stage timer”

Conditions to Activate

To activate the second stage, two conditions must be met.

  1. The first condition is distanceFromLaunchPointForSecondStage which is the distance the missile has traveled from the launch point, you can set this low to quickly satisfy this condition
  2. The second condition is thrustAvailableForSecondStage which is the average effective thrust of all thrusters specified for the second stage. If no thrusters are specified then all thrusters are used in the calculation. You can set this low to quickly satisfy this condition

How to Return First Stage

  1. Build a Remote Control on both stages.
  2. Specify the Remote Control on the second stage with the secondStageKeyword in the Custom Data.
  3. Put a waypoint into the first stage Remote Control, set the Flight Mode to One Way, and set the Forward Direction to Down.
  4. Specify the second stage timer (see Timer). Set the actions in the second stage timer to enable Autopilot on the first stage Remote Control.

When the second stage activates, the second stage timer will trigger and the first stage Remote Control will use Autopilot to return* to your desired coordinate

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