Space Engineers – NDS Interplanetary Ballistic Missile Instructions

Guide on the usage and settings of the NDS Interplanetary Ballistic Missile script.



Remote Control.


Thrusters. (Every direction except backwards increases accuracy and maneuverability.)

Programmable Block on the missile running the script.

Block(s) supporting disconnection and the type(s) used enabled in settings.

Optional – Camera(s). (Face forwards near the front of the missile to enable detonation when nearing target.)

Optional – Warhead(s).


Copy the GPS of the target to the clipboard.

Paste the GPS string into the Argument field of the programmable block.

Press Run.

Alternate Launch – Consecutive Targeting

Create a panel with “Launch” in the name. Case insensitive.
E.g. “My launch panel” or “Missile launching panel”.

Paste the GPS string into the panel, one string per line.

The missiles will automatically read from the panel and choose a target starting at the top.

Used targets will be prefixed with a dash “-“, the targets can be reused by removing the dash.

You can put a target onto multiple lines to launch multiple missiles at that target.

A launch delay can be set to ensure a missile is fully built before firing with launchDelayInSeconds.


All thrusters are enabled automatically when launched.

When using two-stages, the first stage thrusters are enabled at launch and the second stage thrusters are enabled on the second stage activation.

To exclude a thruster from automatic activation (e.g. a reverse thruster) put the keyword “Exclude” into the Custom Data of the thruster.

Keyword is case insensitive.

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