Soviet Jump Game – Guide to Installing DLC

It is guide to how to install DLC of Soviet Jump Game.

Soviet Jump Game

Soviet Jump Game takes a modern twist on the nostalgic 2D platformer by remixing it into the popular Battle Royale format. Snag powerups, collect coins, and battle against 49 other comrades to declare yourself the best shock worker this side of the wall. Now is your time. Now is your opportunity for glory. Together, we are one–but will you be the one who is held above all others?


  • 50 player online multi-comrade combat
  • Action-oriented 2D side-scrolling gameplay: jump on your enemies and show them them your political might
  • Find power ups to give yourself an edge over the redistributed wealth
  • Customizable characters: make the secret police jealous with your new outfits

Keyboard Controls:

  • arrow keys – move
  • Z – A button (jump/enter in menus)
  • X – B button (use item/cancel in menus)
  • C – Select button (use a held item)
  • ESC – Start button (pause)

Gamepad controllers can be selected in the options menu.

Guide to Installing DLC

Instructions of how to download DLC for soviet jump game.

How to Install DLC

So fellow comrade, after many hours of playing such a fantastic game you decide to buy some DLC, right? of course you have! but after buying the DLC, you instantly log on and play when… where’s your pack? To make sure you have it, check the guides below

  • Find Soviet Jump Game
  • Right-click the game
  • Go to Properties
  • Proceed to the DLC tab
  • Click the install box
  • Success!

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