Soda Dungeon 2 – Relic, Attack, Upgrades (Team Composition)

A guide on team composition (relics, attacks, upgrades, etc.) of Soda Dungeon 2.

Guide to Team Composition

Team composition for up to dimension 4 (I haven’t made it further yet).

Team Composition

I was able to get to dimension 4 with this team comp in 3 hours playtime.

Nurse nurse nurse mystic mystic mystic.

Give the mystics healing items.


Start with the sword relic (the attack power one) for the first dimension.

This allows you to get much farther in the 2nd dimension in your first try.

Next get the heart relic (the health one) it basically doubles your hp after a few runs and makes you able to power through the bosses by just out healing the dmg they do.

After that get the mana relic {the mp one} it will allow your healers to have more heal moves.


First of all you need stools and tables maxxed as soon as possible and the bed to reroll classes.

Then buy the pet store (get this early as leveling pets requires beating floors).

Then upgrade the kitchen for extra health.

Finally upgrade the bag of resourcefulness and locksmithing.

Do not buy the carpenters or miners!

Also I wouldn’t recommend buying weapons or armor in the 1st dimension as its already easy and you could be buying a permanent upgrade.

Leave it on Auto Attack (If You Want)

Not really required but might as well.

The healers take care of the healing themselves when your party members are at about 30%HP.

by imag2OOO

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