Soda Dungeon 2 – How to Transfer File (Android to Steam)

This guide will help you how to transfer my file of Soda Dungeon 2 from android to Steam.

Soda Dungeon 2

Your favorite fizzy dungeon crawler is back! The Dark Lord has locked all sorts of legendary items, loot, and goodies up in his castle behind a seemingly endless guard of monsters, traps, and treachery. Daunting? Not for you— You’ll be safe in the tavern hiring Soda Junkies to do the dirty work for you. Take the loot they bring back to upgrade your tavern, town, and armory to attract stronger adventurers, then repeat. Build your town, assemble a mighty team, and see if you can make it through the dungeon to the next dimension and beyond.

Along the way your band of merry, soda-fueled minions will encounter trumpeting skeletons, angry chefs, Dark Lords, Darker Lords, and a fairy that is just really, really trying her best. The only thing they won’t find is timers, lives systems, or a paywall. Everything can be bought with in-game currency because that’s just the Soda Dungeon way.

What is New in SD2?

  • Custom AI Patterns! – Sick of dumb-as-rocks NPC allies? We are too. Create custom behaviors for you party using Soda Script! Even when you’re not looking over their shoulders they’re doing exactly what you want.
  • Craft Gear – Craft new armor and weapons for the adventurers you hire. Find rare materials deep within the Dark Lord’s castle to make all new items.
  • Play While AFK – Have a life outside Soda Dungeon? No problem. Earn Battle Credits while you’re away and redeem them for loot when you come back. Even when you’re not playing, you’re gathering resources!
  • Build Your Home Base – Assembling the best party will take more than a tavern this time around. Build a blacksmith forge, a wizard’s shop, an arena, and more to unlock your party’s true potential.
  • Always More To Do – We heard you. You wanted more mountains to climb. You wanted more goals to accomplish. You… wanted to help people clear rodents from their property ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lucky you, because the NPCs in Soda Dungeon 2 are ready to cough up strangely valuable rewards in exchange for completing an assortment of side-quests!

How to Transfer My File to A New Device (Android to Steam) ?

All file management options can be accessed by clicking the gear icon next to your file on the title screen.

If you are transferring to a new device on the same platform (Android to Android, for example), you just need to open the file management menu and click “Load From Google Drive.” This would change to “Load From iCloud” on iOS and “Load From Steam Cloud” on Steam. The game attempts to back up your file to these cloud services each time a dungeon trip is finished. Please note that you still must be logged into the same user account on your new device for this method to work.

If you are transferring to a new device on a new platform (Android to Steam, for example), open the file management menu on your original platform and click “Get One Time Transfer Code.” Then open that same menu on your new platform and click “Import From Transfer Code,” and paste the code that you just received. Please note that any existing files on your second platform must be erased in order to do this.

Once a file has been moved to a new device, you will no longer need a transfer code. The file may exist on multiple devices/platforms at once. Simply use the “Send to SD Server” and “Load from SD Server” options to manually sync your file as needed.

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