Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts – 10 Tips for a Good Start

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts is not the easiest game to play, so we’ve prepared a list of starting tips to help you get into the game’s world.

10 Tips for a Good Start

Step by Step Tips

  1. Eliminate enemies at a distance – the main character is a sniper, and his main weapon is a sniper rifle, which gains in effectiveness as the distance to the target increases.
  2. Don’t get detected – in many situations this will trigger an alarm, and player’s character is not very resistant to damage received from enemies.
  3. Takedown your enemies silently – choose a convenient location, explore the area with binoculars and eliminate targets so no one will discover the corpse.
  4. Eliminate enemies in melee combat and interrogate them if possible. When you approach a target, you will be able to eliminate it with a takedown (melee attack). Additionally, if you approach an enemy from behind, you will be able to interrogate your target – this may result in, for example, the discovery of nearby enemies.
  5. Learn how to shoot from a sniper rifle – it is worth repeating the training stage a few times. The shooting mechanics has been described in a separate chapter of this guide.
  6. ALWAYS shoot at enemy’s head – headshots will kill most enemies with one bullet. Remember that your enemies will be able to withstand up to three shots in the torso!
  7. Remove dead bodies from the sight of enemy forces. If possible, try to move dead enemy bodies to more discreet places like bushes – this will reduce the chance of an enemy finding a fallen companion (such events may trigger an alarm).
  8. Use special ammo for sniper rifles – these may give you various additional effects, such as ignoring the impact of the distance and wind strength. For another example, you may be able to hit enemies hiding behind a cover.
  9. Use Mask Mode – this mode is unlocked at the beginning of the game and it helps you in locating various items or objects of interest, such as lootable corpses or items that can be collected.
  10. Develop your hero – as part of the development process you can buy new weapons and unlock new special abilities to improve your character’s performance on the battlefield.
Always try to keep your enemies as far away as possible. Tips - Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Guide
Always try to keep your enemies as far away as possible.

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  1. As My opinion, It is the best shooting game ever i played, Not only because i t has great story, but also it has amazing graphics and character. I loved it. I always recommend this to other players, alleast play once time, because you will start loving it.

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