SMASH LEGENDS – Guide to Modes, Domination, Battle Royale, Harvest, and More

It is a guide to modes, domination, battle royale, harvest, and more in SMASH LEGENDS

Guide to Modes, Domination, Battle Royale, Harvest, and More

The Different Game Modes

The following game modes are available in SMASH LEGENDS (as of March 2021);

  • Domination
  • Battle Royale
  • Duel
  • Harvest
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Crown Guard

These are explained in more detail in the following sections.


Domination mode is all about taking a point in the middle of the map and defending it against your opponent for as long as possible. The team which reaches 4 points first or has the most points after the time runs out wins the match. In the event of a tie, there will be a draw without stoppage time.

It should be noted that control of the point only changes when all players of the defending team leave the point.

This makes it all the more important to hit as many opponents as possible at the same time with strong recoil or ultimate skills in order to quickly gain control of the point.

Another tip that is obvious and effective is to take control of the point right from the start. This works very well with mobile characters like Red or Cindy who bring mobility beyond their abilities.

In addition, various items that can be healing potions, ultimate ability charges or bombs spawn on the item platforms.

The bombs in particular are a really strong item when taking over, as they cause area damage and blast away all enemies hit a solid distance.

Battle Royale

As you already know from other Battle Royales such as Fortnite, PUBG, Realm Royale etc., the aim here is to survive within the ever-shrinking zone and to collect power points (so-called candies). You get these either from boxes that spawn on the map or from defeated opponents.

The wall of fire does a lot of damage and the healing potions are very limited. Since many characters have strong recoil abilities, it is advisable to throw enemies into the wall of fire to inflict extra damage on them.

I would recommend Peter, Red and Cindy here, as these characters can destroy the boxes very quickly and thus get their candy very easily in order to defeat their opponents afterwards.


Off to 1 against 1!

The duel is fought in a 1 on 1 format and whoever smashes the opponent out of the arena 3 times wins the game.

As in all other modes, healing options are very limited, often there is only one place on the map where a healing potion appears.

Make sure you grab the healing potion and you have a huge advantage over your opponent.

Strong characters here are Hook, Cindy and Red.


Off to the field – literally!

In harvest mode, fruits appear on the battlefield that have to be destroyed and collected.

Golden fruits give more points.

Fighting in PvP is rather secondary here, as you just want to get to the fruits. To do this, it is sufficient to throw the enemy far enough away with one strong blow so that you can collect the fruits in peace of mind.

Team Deatchmatch

In Team Deathmatch each other’s skulls are beaten in 3 on 3 format until the time runs out or a team reaches 10 points.

For each opponent thrown down there is one point to be won.

This mode is probably the most team-dependent, as every death is worth a point and thus the weakest link of a team often decides who will be victorious.

Strong characters for this are those who can throw several opponents out of the arena in one fell swoop in order to get several points in one fell swoop.

Crown Guard

In Kronenwache everyone becomes king one day:

The point is that each player receives the “crown” once and that this is given to the next player when he dies .

The crown enlarges the character it is wearing and increases the damage caused as well as the health points.

The game ends once all players on a team have been defeated while they had the crown or time is up.

Since healing potions always restore a percentage of the maximum life, it is advisable to use the potions as a crown owner or leave them to him.

The crown owner should stay as close as possible to their own base (the point where their team rejoins), as the path for defeated opponents is as long as possible and that for team members returning is as small as possible.

Another important fact is that the crown owner (when they get the crown) automatically gets a fully charged ultimate.

Another mistake many gamers make is sticking with the crown owner as a non-crown owner.

It is much more effective to leave your own crown owner alone in the base and rather to chase the opposing crown in order to take the lead first. Once you have a head start, you can still defend your own crown because your opponents are under pressure.

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