Skul: The Hero Slayer – All Skills (Unlocked) Achievements

This is a guide on all unlocked skills (achievements) in Skul: The Hero Slayer.

All Skills (Unlocked)


  • Skullology:

Increases Skill Attack by 50%.

  • Craniotomy:

Decreases swap cooldown by 40%.

  • Craniostat:

Slows downtime for everyone except yourself for 1,0 second(s) upon swapping.

  • Cranioplasty:

Generates a 10 HP shield for 1 second upon swapping. This shield, if not destroyed, decreases swap cooldown by 1 second.


  • Sharp Bone:

Increases Basic Attack by 40%.

  • Bone Armor:

Increases Max HP by 50.

  • Bone Gun Barrel:

Dashing makes you Invincible for 0,4 seconds.

  • Reassemble:

Resurrects you with 30% of HP one time.

  • Spirit Skill:

Accelerates skill cooldown by {1:0%} for each kill upto {0:0%}:

Accelerates skill cooldown by 5%p for each kill, up to 50%p.

  • Quintessence Science:

Decreases Quintessence cooldown by 30%.

  • Alchemy:

Enables you to destroy Scroll items and get up to 1600 Gold, depending on their grade.

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