Skater XL (July Update) – How to Mod

A guide on how to mod for Skater XL (July: Update 1.0).

How to Mod?

Downloading Unity Mod Manager

The backbone for modding Skater XL is a tool called Unity Mod Manager. It is always recommended to download the latest version as certain mods will not work on older versions.

Unity Mod Manager 0.22.7 Download Link

Alternatively, you can download it from here, but you’ll need to create an account to download it.

Once you have downloaded Unity Mod Manager, find where it was downloaded and open it. Inside there should be a folder named UnityModManager which contains a bunch of files, drag this folder to your Desktop.

Installing Unity Mod Manager

Open the new folder on your desktop and run the UnityModManager application. You will be greeted by a screen like this:

Click on the drop down menu under Game and select Skater XL from the list of games. Unity Mod Manager should automatically find where your game is installed but in the rare case it doesn’t you will need to click on the Folder box underneath and locate where your game is installed.

Now, you will see 3 options. Install, Uninstall, and Restore Original Files. You want to click the top Install button and it should say installation was successful. Once done, Unity Mod Manager is now correctly installed, and we can move onto installing individual mods.

Downloading Mods

The main location for finding mods is the SXL Modding Discord’s Mods category. For simplicity sake, I would recommend installing mods from the #top-mods channel. This is a list of the most used/popular mods which are known to work for version

Alternatively, you can download mods from here, but the list is minimal until the mod creators upload them to the site.

Remember, you do not need to download every mod, so read the mods description provided and pick what stands out to you. The only mod which is mandatory as of now is XLMapFix by DawgVinci if you plan on playing custom maps which I will get into during the section of installing maps.

Installing Mods

Once you have downloaded a selection of mods, find where they are downloaded in file explorer, open Unity Mod Manager and navigate to the Mods tab.

With this tab open, and the file explorer also open to the side, drag each mod one by one into where it says Drop zip files here. The mod should appear, and the Status should say OK. The mod is now installed and you can do the same process for any other mod you would like to install.

If there is ever a case the Status is blank, just right click on the mod that’s blank and click install. This will fix that.

You can now launch Skater XL and test if everything worked. After the press any button to continue screen, a window should pop up like this one:

It will display the mods you installed in Unity Mod Manager before. The Status for each mod should be green without any errors.

Congratulations! You have now installed mods! Certain mods require pressing a button to open them. For example, the mod Babbo’s Settings is opened using the backspace key on your keyboard. This is where you look at the mod description, it will always let you know how to open the specific mod.

If you want to disable any mods, press CTRL + F10 to open the Unity Mod Manager menu and click the On/Off switch until the Status colour goes grey.

Custom Maps

Skater XL now creates a Maps and Gear folder automatically for you so you no longer need to make one.

First, navigate to your Maps folder: This PC > Documents > SkaterXL > Maps

Next, you’ll want to download some maps. You can either use:

A quick disclaimer about downloading maps from is that they will be downloaded as a .zip folder, with the map file being inside of that. A common mistake people make is dragging the downloaded .zip straight into the Maps folder which will not work. You will need to extract the file inside the .zip folder into your Maps folder. Your Maps folder should end up looking something like this.

Now, you can launch the game, press the start button while in-game to access the pause menu, click on “Maps”, press the right bumper to navigate to Community Maps and your maps should there.

Take in mind, custom maps especially large ones take a considerable amount of time to load than the official maps, which is made even slower if the game and documents folder is not on an SSD.

Custom Gear

First, navigate to your Gear folder: This PC > Documents > SkaterXL > Gear

Next, go to either:

And find any textures that you want to use. If you’re using the discord for textures, locate the Textures category, click on a channel that you want a texture from. For example #decks if you’re looking for a skateboard texture. Then, left-click on the texture, click on “Open Original” and save the image inside your Gear folder.

If you’re getting textures from, they will come as .zip folders. Open up the downloaded .zip folder and drag the image files into your Gear folder.

Now, most people are nice and already name their textures with the correct naming prefix, but in the rare case they haven’t, this should explain it:

The red text represents the naming prefix. So, If you’re saving a hoodie texture, you will right click on the texture, click on rename and add “MHoodie_” to the start of the name. If the hoodie texture is for the female skater, you will name it “FHoodie_”.

Here are some examples of what each texture’s name looks like.

Removing a Mod

Go to to your Skater XL steam folder. This can be found by going to Steam, right clicking on Skater XL, clicking on Properties, clicking on Local Files, and then Browse Local Files.

Open the Mods folder and delete any of the mods you would like to remove.

Next, locate the folder you use to open Unity Mod Manager. If you followed the guide above it should be extracted to your desktop.

Inside the Unity Mod Manager folder, there should be folder called Skater XL. Open that and delete the folders for any mods you want to remove. This folder will not exist if you haven’t installed any mods in-case you can’t find it.

Once both are cleared, close UnityModManager if it was open and relaunch it. Navigate to your Mods tab and the window should now be empty.

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