SIMULACRA 2 – How to Fix Black Screen

The following guide will help on how to fix black screen in SIMULACRA 2 that expands on the found phone horror format with inventive new apps, a more complex narrative, a larger live-action cast, and a deeper look into the darker side of the internet.

How to Fix Black Screen?

Using Win 7

When pushing the start button and choose the game model, there is always black screen.
After my computer Win7, and choose the right point to start the detective mode, it has a black screen. You can not enter SIMULACRA 2.

So, you need to do this:

  • Do it 1080P-Window Mode
  • Install DX10

If still this issue:

  • Right click and go to “compatibility.
  • Change mode to Windows 7
  • And click “disable fullsecreen optimizations”
  • Apply and OK.
SIMULACRA 2 - How to Fix Black Screen

After finishing the job or choosing the mode, the screen is not black.

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