Shieldwall – Mission 4 (How to Win): Useful Tips

Shieldwall – Mission 4 (How to Win): Useful Tips

Mission 4 (How to Win): Useful Tips

If you get frustrated with Mission 4, try this:

First, focus on getting as many flags as possible, and avoid the fortress and the flag right outside of it. Also avoid any fight with other teams (because finance is tight without the fortress), circle around them, try to get one team near another team, so they lose soldiers to each other.

When it comes to the upgrades, first get the standard and then his banner, then choose either “gold speed per flag” or “flag capture time” (I chose gold speed). One by one the other teams will lose all flags and are removed from the game.

Once only the fortress team and one other are left, start pushing the without the fortress back until they can only respawn at one flag. Once you have all the flags except for the two you should have avoided till now, it’s time to get going against the fortress.

Now money pours in, get all the upgrades. Capture the flag outside the fortress, and wait within the range of your flag (flag health and flag defense help you as long as you are in that range), team fortress will come out to recapture it again and again.

Use the standard in every round to get standard points, then invest the standard points in attack speed. Once that is full, beat team fortress one last time outside the fortress, and then run around the fortress. Wait until they rush out again to get the flag outside the fortress back, and then start demolishing the back door, capture the flag in the fortress, then lastly capture the flag outside.

by Bawdyness

How to Win (First Try)?

Key is letting the light blue and green try and take out dark blue and take all their camps in the process, after that, dark blue will sit in the fort and you can draw them out, deplete their numbers, charge the gate ( you have to be willing to let all troops die as long as you destroy the gate) and then respawn and bring 25 new ones in and have them sit on the flag till it is yours, hope this helps. Also, My first upgrade is always legionaries.

by Jsnipes

How to Win (Second Try)?

The first time I took too long getting out of the ships(didn’t realize you could jump) and restarted right away after getting jumped at B, I won the very next try. I rushed B and took it before the other two armies got there then dipped into the forest on the left and wiped that AI out. after that, I fought over the center a bit before realizing the fort faction was the real threat at which point I backed off and focused on wiping out the only other faction. when I had all the capture points besides the fort I just turtled at the point outside the fort and got all the upgrades, as for my standard I put 6 points into damage and 2 points into GPM. with that kind of damage after sacrificing a group to take out the gate and kill the defenders I was able to rush their base and take them head-on since I had so much DPS and then capped the point before they could recover.

by Antolare

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