Session (Update – New Skate Controls (New Features)

This guide will try to help on new skate controls (new features) in Session (Update

What is the New?

There’s a new Radio Station in collab with Chillhop Music. Chillhop Music is the leading label/curator for lo-fi and “chill” instrumental hip hop music which Generated over 1.2 billion streams in 2019. There are now 22 Lo-Fi tunes to sit back and skate too.

6 more indie artists and 11 new tracks have been added to our highly popular Community Radio Station!

  • Escante
  • Hiraeth Bokyo
  • Jpdreamthug
  • SkyBlew
  • Whisker Biscuit

Remote play together integration.

Now you can play your games of skate online through the STEAM streaming feature with the same name. WOAH!

You now have more control over your objects from the object dropping. You can now rotate AND move your objects up and down for better and easier DIY spot creations.

A new hardcore feature called Big Drop Landings.

No more dropping from any height and landing without consequences. Now you must work on your landings from high heights, by flicking the stick in opposite vertical directions in sync with your impact on the ground.

We expect some heavy slams while you get used to this new mechanic.

New Skate Controls

Left / Right Foot

The left thumbstick represents the left foot and the right thumbstick the right foot. Triggers are used for navigation and rotations.

Front / Back Foot

The left thumbstick represents the front foot and the risht thumbstick the back foot regardless of the skater’s stance. Triggers are used for navigation and rotations.

Pressure Mode

Rotation speed is based on how much pressure isapplied on the triggers.

Speed Mode

Rotation sPeed is based on how fast you press the triggers down

Timed Mode

Rotation speed is based on how long it takes for the trigger to be fully Pressed.


Relative input ON:

When on a grind All input for tricks become relative to the direction the input was when starting to grind.

Relative input OFF:

No matter what grind / slide or input, trick input remains the same whehter on ground or on a grind.

Revert Settings

Disabled: When landing, the Placer will not automatically revert if not facing the current moue direction.

Enabled: the Placer will automatically revert

On Bail

When landing and about to bail because the Player was not properly aligned, the Player will automatically revert to avoid bailing.

You can now bail when landing off rotation, Reverts now have 2 additional options to adapt your play style;

– Reverts on: bail, saves you from bailing when landing off rotation by auto reverting.
– Always On: to always keep you in the optimal direction


When landing, the Player will always reuert if not facing the current moue direction.

Big Drop landing

If enabled, when Ianding from the distances, input will be required in order to preuent the Player from bailing. The bigger the drop, the less time you haue to enter the input.

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