Serious Sam 4 – How to Fix AMD Error (atidxx64.dll)

A guide on how to fix AMD error (atidxx64.dll) in Serious Sam 4.

How to Fix AMD Error (atidxx64.dll)


If you see an error after launching the game and you crash – here is the solution I found.

  • We follow the path where the steam is installed, I have it – “D: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata \ _DIGITS_YOUR_ACCOUNT_ \ 257420 \ local”
  • Then we make a backup just in case of the file “SeriousSam4.ini”.
  • Go to the file using a text editor (in my case, notepad)
    • Press CTRL + F (search) look for the following:
      • gfx_strAPI = “Direct3D11”; – replace the value with “Direct3D12” – if supported, or with “Vulkan” and save with CTRL + S.
  • Go into the game and remove everything related to anti-aliasing, save and play again =)

Option # 2: Press right click on the game,

+ gfx_strAPI D3D12

Hope it helps.


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  1. I have a little question.
    When I try to start my SS4, it shows an error, and says this:

    C:/Serious Sam 4/Log/Sam4.log

    Is there any solution to this? :/

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