Serious Sam 4 – How to Cheat without Trainer (Console Commands)

A guide on how to cheat without trainer (console commands) Serious Sam 4.

How to Cheat without Trainer (Console Commands)

To activate cheats in this game all you need to do is press the “chat” key to open the console commands.

For example, type cht_benablecheats=1. If your cheat is enabled, you will get a notification that the cheats are enabled on the right side of the screen.

Do not forget that: “No achievements or high scores will be recorded and your name won’t show in the leaderboards.”

Note: At the end, put to all cheats“=1” to work them.

  • cht_bAllowAllArrangers – Allow solving for all arrangers.
  • cht_bAllowAllPuzzleMechanics – Allow all puzzle mechanics.
  • cht_bAutoAim – Automatically aim enemies.
  • cht_bFly – Allow you to fly.
  • cht_bGhost – Ghost cheat.
  • cht_bGiveAll – Give all cheat.
  • cht_bGod – God Mode.
  • cht_bIgnoreDamageInGodMode – will not take any damage in god mode.
  • cht_bInfiniteAmmo – Infinite Ammo
  • cht_bInfiniteStamina – Infinite Stamina Cheat.
  • cht_bInvisible – Become Invisible
  • ch_slGiveArmor – Example ch_slGiveArmor=50 will give 50 armor.
  • cht_slGiveHealth – Example cht_slGiveHealth=50 will give 50 health.
  • cht_slGiveSkillPoints – Gives a skill point.
  • cht_slResetSkills – Reset skill point.

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