Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home – Guide to NTR Quest and Permanent Items

This helps you on NTR Quest and permanent items in Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home.

Guide to NTR Quest and Permanent Items

Permanent Items

Important note: Many items are unavailable if you do not have the R18 patch installed.

Shop – Shop RNG changes with how far you are into the game. The more acts you complete, the higher chance to see higher rarity items.

 Body Change_ShapeYou can change the heroine’s body shape
 Body Change_Skin TextureYou can change the heroine’s skin texture
 Nipple RotorNipple Rotor is added to the body customization
 Nipple PercingNipple Piercing is added to the body customization
 Nipple Piercing(Heart)Nipple Piercing(Heart) is added to the body customization
 HandcuffsHandcuffs are added to the body customization
 LegcuffsLegcuffs are added to the body customization

Minigame Rewards – When you complete a minigames, you are given one of four rewards, each minigame provides a different scene reward. The hot spring minigame gives out three rewards for a perfectly clear.

 First Person ViewDuring scenes, you can see the heroine from a first-person viewBathroom
 Cross-Section ViewDuring scenes, you can display a cross-sectional viewOnsen
 Inner VoiceDuring scenes, you can listen to the inner voiceShower

NTR Quest Rewards – Finishing all three NTR events will reward more body modification options

 TattooTattoo is added to the body customizationHikari
 “Adult” Mark“Adult” Mark is added to the body customizationIchika
 Eye MaskEye Mask is added to the body customizationKirara
 CollarCollars are added to the body customization.Aya

Permanent items can be re-gifted for extra affection points.

NTR Quest Items

NTR Quests start by progressing through the intimacy levels with the girls. Eventually, you will see markers on the Hometown minimap, this is how you can access the quests.

Please note that the NTR quest dialogues will cycle until you reach sufficient intimacy to unlock a new one. So even if you see a “!”, if you have not reached high enough intimacy, you’ll just go through the dialogue/animations of older NTR quests. NTR items are guaranteed to spawn so long as the quest is active.


  • Smartphone – Act 1 On some pipes in the sewers.
  • Small Bottle – Act 4 On the academy rooftop.
  • Contract – Act 6 In the bank.


  • 1. Red Powder – Act 3 In the multi-level parking garage.
  • 2. Blue Powder – Act 5
  • 3. Collar – Act 2 In the supermarket.


  • Frozen Diced Fruit – Act 2 In the supermarket.
  • Gold Nugget – Act 7 Just before you head to the basement/cellar of the mansion.
  • Rope – Act 5 – Next to a lift mechanism on the waterfront.


  1. Fighting Game Tricks Guidebook – Act 3 Just before the station checkpoint, in a small store.
  2. Laptop – Act 8 – Near the beginning, on a lab bench.
  3. Controller – Act 7 – Mansion attic.

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