Sector’s Edge – Guide to Loadout, Building, and More

It is a guide to loadout, building, and more in Sector’s Edge.

Guide to Loadout, Building, and More

Welcome to Sector’s Edge!

Sector’s Edge is a free to play online 8v8 battle with a completely destructible environment.

There are many modes, maps, loadout options, and mechanics to learn about.

Follow this gradually updated guide to get a jump in to Sector’s Edge!

Loadout Customization

A defining factor about Sector’s Edge is the ability to customize your loadout to your exact liking.

Select the “LOADOUTS” section shown above to get to the loadout customization screen.

The loadout system uses power. You get to use 15 power to customize your loadout.

Each weapon/equipment/modification uses a certain amount of power.

You can choose one primary by left clicking on a weapon and one secondary by right clicking on a weapon

You can choose one equipment and up to two modifications for your loadout.

Example of a loadout within power restriction

Example of a loadout that can not be used due to going over power restriction

This is a exaggerated example, but simply going over the loadout power restriction by one power is not able to be used in-game

Example of a loadout under the power restriction, but can still be used in-game

The next vital thing about loadouts that needs to be covered is the weapon customization section.Select the “WEAPONS” section shown above to get to the weapon customization screen.

This is the main part that you interact with on the weapons customization section, sights , here you can choose different sights for your weapon, and change its crosshair.

A preview of your weapon will be shown to the right of the customization section as shown below.

After you set up the sights on your weapon, you can customize your weapon skin by selecting the “SKIN” tab. The screen where you customize your weapon skin is shown below.

Here you can change between having a traditional weapon camo or have a choice of a weapon metal.

A preview of your weapon skin will be shown to the right of the customization section as shown below:

After you go through all this, you are ready to go to the next essential part of Sector’s Edge, building!


From the menu, click on the “SHIP” button shown below:

Upon clicking the “SHIP” button you will be brought in to your ship, find the room that looks like the one below.

In this room you can build preset structures on the white platforms labeled 1-9 using your MIDI tool.

Press Q to activate the build mode on your MIDI tool, it will look like the picture below.

Using this tool you can place blocks anywhere you like.

Press E to active the destruction mode on your MIDI tool, it will look like the picture below.

Using this tool you can break blocks.

Now what about those preset structure you can build that I mentioned earlier? Any blocks you place on the white platforms will be shown in a preset structures menu when you hold down the Z key.

This may not make much sense yet, but trust me it will get easier soon.

For example look at the stairs I built below.

I can select these stairs from the preset structures menu when I hold down Z shown below

But, when I go to place the stairs they are not aligned with me as shown below

To fix this go to your structure and press the “ENTER” key to change the origin of the structure, a green outline will go around the block you selected as shown below.

Now when I go to place the structure it is inline with my character as shown below.

Now with all the complicated stuff out of the way a general checklist about building

  • Each structure has 100ms on the cooldown until you can place it again. Each block you add, adds 20ms to the cooldown.
  • A block must be connected to another block that is on the ground for it to stand, otherwise it will collapse.
  • You can click and drag with your MIDI tool to make lines of blocks no matter the distance
  • Placing a block takes away one block from your inventory and breaking a block will give you 2 blocks in your inventory

This is your inventory as shown above, it has a max of 450 unless you have the builder modification then you have an additional 200 blocks to your max.

A singular block has a health of 10, this will not change unless you have the builder modification in which the block health increases by 200% the blocks also have a higher brightness based on how much health they have.

After all this information on building, we can talk about Maps and Gamemodes!

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