Second Extinction™ – How to Solo Kill A T-Rex

This guide will teach you how to solo kill a T-Rex in Second Extinction™.

How to Solo Kill A T-Rex

How do You Go About Doing This?

The easiest way I’ve found to kill a T-Rex is to use the Grenade Launcher.

The grenade launcher is only available for Amir.

The reason for the Grenade Launcher will be explained below, but the main idea is to completely negate the fact you need to shoot its neck to deal heavy damage.

There might be better ways of doing this.

The Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is a tool of destruction and can easily kill a Rex with no upgrades, so long as you bring Ammo resupplies.

However, you can upgrade the Grenade Launcher a few times to make it by far one of the strongest weapon in the game, which means that you won’t have to take Ammo Resupplies as there are Ammunition Packs located around almost all of the T-Rex encounters.

The Upgrades

The Impact Detonator and Hair Trigger Upgrades from the Impact tree are the bare minimum requirements for this to be super effective.

This will allow the grenades to explode on impact, as well as fire as fast as you can click.

I haven’t finished upgrading my Grenade Launcher, but with the setup in the picture it’s easy as.


Health Stim
Use to regain health over time

Air Strike
Designates an area for bombardment of air to ground missiles

Cluster Grenade
Spreads micro-explosives on detonation that explode after short delay

The Chad

Amir has the Orbital Laser which when used on the T-Rex will deal massive damage, his scan also helps to detect the other dinosaurs in the area that may come and get in the way.

Video Demonstration of The Strat

How to Do the Strat

It’s honestly as simple as dodging the T-Rex as you hammer it with Grenades and using your Orbital laser when you can.

The Get Out of Jail Free Card

Just before you get knocked down, you can start healing and continue healing even while getting up off the ground.

by Matto

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