Scum Lock N Lock – How to Kill and Eat Animal

A how to kill and eat animal in Scum Lock N Lock.

How to Kill and Eat Animal

Their are a bunch of different animals you can hunt and kill. The hunting in this game is not very polished but you can still kill and eat animals. You can also use their skin and heads for trophies on the wall! I normally hunt crows out of the sky as they are the easiest thing to hunt and eat, you can also use their feathers for crafting.

Be aware that some of the animals will hunt you back.
Boars, bears, goats, sometimes even the lovely donkey can be quite aggressive and go on attack mode…and you can forget to outrun them.

They usually don’t kill you, but they knock you out and let your health bar drop by 20-25 and you may limb for a while after a dance with an angry bear.

You would have thought that there would have been a number of animals roaming around.

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