Scrap Mechanic – Mechanic Station (How to Craft) and Battery (Where to Find)

This guide will help you on how to craft mechanic station or what and where to find the battery (master) in Scrap Mechanic.

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Where to Craft Mechanic Station?

Near where you start there is a building which is on fire If you go up that building there is a battery near the top, connected to some kind of machine.

Also there is a bucket you should take on your way up, although this is optional.

Also near the start is an area which shows you how to grow food, there is also a bucket here to take. Fill the buckets with water from the lake and go back to the ship and use he buckets to put out the fires inside.

Then you will see a space in the ship where you can put the battery. When the battery is inserted a craft station will open up which will allow you to craft all the parts you need to build a car.

You can also use those buckets to break the green ruined chest looking things and those will drop stuff that you can use to start planting or circuit boards and scrap and you need the circuit bores to make almost everything in the crafter.

Where to Find A 2nd Master Battery?

At gas/repair station? it’s in one of the tube shaped houses, use hammer to bash door open.

Where is the Battery?

The battery goes in the crashed ship, its located nearby. there are different types of batteries, the one you want is large and looks like a tube/canister. You will get a prompt to click and place it (this is not the standard placement of items, it is plugging it into the machine). There’s also a graphic you can look at that instructs you what to do inside the ship.

The slot is behind the fire, use buckets + water to put out the fires so you can access the slot to place the battery. this is a mechanic that is repeated in various buildings in order to restore power and access stations. once your crashed ship has power the crafting station is operational which will allow you to craft a new tool and some new parts to get your first car up and running.

There are also some items you can pick up inside the ship to get started. various items have item storage, like the locker, which you can pick up and place on your vehicle you craft. you can also directly place items on the vehicle for storage to free up your inventory.

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