Scrap Mechanic – How to Upgrade Craftbot, Gas and Electric Engine

A guide on how to upgrade craftbot, what is pros and cons of gas versus electric engine in Scrap Mechanic.

How to Upgrade CraftBot?

  • Punch flaming trees.
  • Have bukkit.
  • Get water into bukkit.
  • Make water bottles on craftbot. No worry, you get bukkit back.
  • Have drill vehicle.
  • Drive drill vehicle into rock.
  • Peel rock sticks.
  • Make sand blocks with rock blocks on craftbot.
  • Make glass blocks with sand blocks, water bottles and punched trees on craftbot.

by Dzwiedz24

Upgrading your craft bot gives you the ability to queue up more items to be crafted and the 5th upgrade lowers the time needed to craft items. the glass blocks are on the second row:

by Volrishan

Gas and Electric Engine

Gas Engine:

  • More powerful
  • You can use it for vehicles
  • More fast gas consumption

Electric engine:

  • Less powerful
  • You can use it for static robots or machinery
  • Less energy

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