Scrap Mechanic – How to Regrow Trees and How to Find Weapons

A guide on how to regrow trees and find weapons in Scrap Mechanic.

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How to Regrow Trees?

Once you get a vehicle specialized for chopping trees, and carrying logs back, it’ll become relatively easy to bring in wood. If you’re only at the start of the game and haven’t made any major vehicles then it’ll be slightly difficult, but it isn’t supposed to be easy all the way through.
So far, I haven’t seen any evidence of trees regrowing, but due to how the game works it’s fine.

With the amount of wood you get from chopping and refining them into better wood blocks, you would deforest the immediate radius around you. This will discourage settling down/ creating a base, as you would eventually chop all the trees and/ or smash the rocks (assuming they don’t regenerate as well), until it comes to a point where you would have to travel minutes just to get to a place where these resource are still present.

This means that for every non-regenerating resource you destroy, you would need to travel farther exponentially from your base (if you have a static base) until eventually, you would need tons of batteries and/ or gas just to make a gathering trip.

How to Find Weapons?

Weapons are at the trader! He has lots of “keep out” signs! I think he is kind of in the middle of the map. You’ll first need to package your veggies/fruits in crates tho at the nearby packaging station (with a vacuum pump on a car and a big storage chest you can fill it up and it will spawn crates).

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    A headline that says how to do something means you are actually going to teach us how to do it. If you cant because its impossible, then it 1000% is an inappropriate/inaccurate title and thusly shouldnt even BE your title to begin with. This is boarderline anti-reader/anti-googler. Please alter this to be more true to the context of what you are actually trying to tell the readers rather then selling a false premis.

  2. Why would you write a title and provide ZERO information? You can’t grow trees unless a mod is added. There! I saved everyone’s time.

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