Scrap Mechanic – How to Reduce Survival Grind (File Locations) and Boost Speed (Vehicle)

A guide on how to reduce Survival Grind (File Locations) for Scrap Mechanic.

How to Reduce Survival Grind (File Locations)?

[Your Steam Directory]/steamapps/common/Scrap Mechanic/Survival/[Paths Below]

  • Scripts/Game/harvestable/HarvestCore – self.client_refinetime
    • How long refining takes. Default is 8, I set it to 2.
  • Scripts/Game/survival_constants
    • Tree Trunk and Tree Log hits, set to whatever you want
  • CraftingRecipes/refinery
    • Adjust harvest quantities for wood, scrap metal, and stone. I doubled them.
  • Scripts/Game/harvestable/[anything]
    • Most harvestable things are in here, can modify quantities if you want

by Auberaun

How to Boost Speed of Steering (Vehicle)?

  • Should to equip the connect tool
  • Highlight the bearing itself that you want to adjust
  • Should see a prompt to adjust the rotation
  • And use it
  • Click your use keybinding
  • And then a new window will pop up allowing you to adjust

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  1. my friends and I tried to change some of the values there, but my friends couldn’t connect to my game and also I’ve been having troubles as the clock stopped or the bots didn’t attack me or die. we put everything like it was before we changed nothing but now my friends can’t join my game…
    pls could you help us? we don’t know what to do, thank you and sorry for the trouble. (sorry if i don’t explain my self too good, i am not English or American )

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