Scrap Mechanic – How to Get Stone (Craftbot, Spud Gun, Drill)

A guide on how to get stone in Scrap Mechanic. What is craftbot, drill, spud gun? How to craft spud gun? Why do you need them?

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How to Get Stone?


When hitting rock, it can say “Stone is too large for sledgehammer”. How to get stone, spud gun, or anything other than drops and the machine in the crashed ship? Where to go?

  • You need a drill on your car
  • Graft drill in craftbot
  • Find a good bot:
    • Go past the crash trail
    • Follow the road to the garage looking thing
    • Kill the bot in the room with the battery, then insert it
    • And then you have a brilliant base spot
  • Get the scrap from the haybots
  • Take the scrap metal to the craftbot to turn into metal

How to Craft Spud Gun?

You can not craft spud gun. You need to go to trader (to get it).

Where to locate? It is in a mountain.

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